Nails of the Day

Nails of the Day

Lemon yellow 3-D nail art for the Critics’ Choice Awards! Thanks to CHI Nail Bar.

  • Paulo Rogerio Romagna

    Oh, cute hands from a cute girl!!

  • Mylene Costa

    cute :) are you bleeding?

  • Mylene Costa

    oh, i’m not liking that smily face.

  • Etta Marie Nicholson

    Wow! They are amazing!! I love the sparkly bows! It seems like they would fall off fast tho…?

  • Halima Hussaini

    I love love love yellow, it always makes my day.

  • Alyssa Christine Lladoc

    LOVE it!!!!!!!<3

  • Rhiannon Clark

    question, have you got acrylic nails? im thinking about doing that because it’s supposed to last longer?

  • Alyx Duarte

    Super CUTE! Im loving the 3D bows and the color! I’ve never had my nails painted yellow… I think it’s time to expand my color variety. My next manicure, Im going yellow!

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