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My TV Family, Part 2: Siblings

Last week I wrote all about my TV parents, but seeing as how I would hate to be an only child, I thought I would pick myself some TV siblings. The article about my parents went down pretty well except for the fact that for the last week, whenever I have tried to ‘share my problems’ with my Dad, he has just put In Treatment on and gone to bed…

 1.    Issy Stevens from Grey’s Anatomy (series 1-4) – I know that Issy had her faults. And let’s face it: from series 5 onwards, she basically lost the plot. But series 1-4 Issy was my favorite character on TV of all time. And I’m thinking she would have made the perfect sister. She’s funny, clever, comforting and the all-time queen of late night apple crumble baking. And despite the fact she’s drop-dead gorgeous, which can always be a source of sibling jealousy, she was pretty humble and sweet so I’m anticipating her looks won’t be a source of conflict between us. I don’t have a sister, so I’m not sure if I’d actually like one or what makes the perfect sister, but as far as I can see, Issy Stevens would be a pretty awesome sister. Of all the Grey’s girls, she was always the most loving and kind and I think you’d know that – until she started seeing the ghost of her dead boyfriend – she’d always have your back.

2.    Lily from Modern Family Although I’ve never been particularly good with boys or friends, there is one group of people who without fail I always attract, and that is the under 4s. They just love me, though to be honest, I’d prefer the boys. So I couldn’t possibly create my TV family without putting a toddler in the mix.  And my toddler of choice is Lily from Modern Family. Modern Family’s got to be one of the best shows on Earth for funny children, and although I love Manny and Luke, I think I’d end up finding them annoying. But little Lily is shaping up to be one of the best TV children of all time. She’s cute, funny, rude… and I know they made a joke out of it in the episode, but you know I would totally wear this dress:

3.    Kurt Hummel from GleeSure, Kurt can occasionally be annoying, but in my opinion, all the best brothers are pretty annoying most of the time. Kurt Hummell would, however, be the perfect brother for the following reasons: he’s sweet and very loyal, he would give your bedroom regular makeovers, he has an incredibly hot boyfriend, he loves a good bitch and a gossip and he would break out into song at random points in the day. If that doesn’t sound like the perfect brother to you, then you’re crazy.

I hope you like my choices of siblings. If you have any dream TV siblings, please leave a comment to tell me who they are. Next week I will be picking my TV extended family…

images via Entertainment Time, tulsa20something, popcorner

  • http://www.facebook.com/lindsey.croker Lindsey Croker

    I’m enjoying this!

  • http://www.facebook.com/alicedielens Alice Dielens

    Love this idea of TV family! And I basically agree with you for most of this. I would just add Rory Gilmore as one of my sisters, she’s pretty great. :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/jessi.parrott Jessi ‘Marrott’ Parrott

    Facebook went funny – hence the anonymity of my comment on your other post (‘This is an amazing series and it makes me so happy that a) I’m not the only one who has coping mechanisms like these for pain (huge hugs!) and b) that you’re also in the UK. Keep writing, honey!’) but, anyway, thanks. You have another follower on Twitter!

  • http://www.facebook.com/gabrielfnp Gabriel Pereira

    Her name is Izzie Stevens, and she only exists in Season 6.
    And I agree with you, she has flaws but I love her, and i’m gonna miss her so much (Still watching season 5)

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003542018426 Mimi McNulty

    OMG loving this with all my heart! I haven’t fully thought about your choices for family members but I know I would something just like that in mind! Super cool idea! i know what I will be doing for the next 4 hours!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=197802715 Abi Turner

    i’ve been thinking about this since your last post and i think i’ve chosen mine. my dad would have to be phil dunphy from modern family, he is my favourite character on tv, not only is he hilarious but he also completely adores his wife and kids. my mum would be cate hennessey from 8 simple rules. she’s smart, beautiful and the way she holds the family together after paul dies, just amazing. i would love to have buffy the vampire slayer for my big sister, no-one would ever mess with me if they knew my sis would stake them! and finally, i think my little brother would be louis stevens from even stevens (when shia labeouf was still likable!) yes, he’d drive me mad, but i also hope he’d let me join in on his adventures! look forward to your next post scarlett!

  • Anonymous

    I have lost touch with my mama’s family also. I’m going to try to go from now on.when I was linvig at home we went with mama every year. It use to be at Kemper park. I did go some over the years after I married . This year was the first time I have been since they started having it at the Civic Center.I need to stay in touch with my cousins more. I still remember when we were all children. Susie and Janice was our favorite cousins on mama’s side. They were the closet to our ages. I wish Susie was on facebook. I wish I had seen Janice before she died. The last time I saw her alive was at Uncle Bill’s funeral.Enough for memory lane. Praying ya’ll are all doing well.

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