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My Top Five Disney Dads

I am a daddy’s girl. Don’t get me wrong I love my mum, but my dad can do no wrong. No man I meet will ever live up to him. Which leads me on to my love of the Disney Dad. I love a Disney Dad. Whether they are human, lion, god, merman or Dalmatian, they are (in my expert opinion), the best characters out of all the Disney movies.

I mean I can sympathise with the early Disney fatherless Disney heroines struggling against their tyrant step mothers/wicked witches. Take Cinderella for example, she had a pretty rough time. And Snow White didn’t have it easy either. And then there is the unusual case of Sleeping Beauty who had both parents! True she was torn away from them as an infant, but at least they were alive/human. Poor King Stephan and his wife who mourned the loss of their daughter, and weren’t we all happy when she woke up!But it is the later, motherless girls that I really love. These modern Disney heroines are strong empowered women, with dads who, in the end, support them in their quest to break free. True, their fathers were flawed, but whose dad isn’t?

So, my twin sister Amy and I have agonised over our top Disney Dads of All Time list for years. To make it easier for ourselves, we decided to exclude any non human dads, sorry Mufasa and Pongo that includes you.


Ah Maurice. Poor, weak Maurice. Whose heart didn’t melt when Gaston mocked him in the tavern. All he wanted to do was save his daughter, instead he got locked up. Belle has to rescue the poor soul twice, the first time sacrificing her freedom for his, and the second, giving up her true love.

The Sultan

Did you know that some of the Sultans characteristics were based on the Wizard from the Wizard of Oz? The Sultan (did he have a real name?) is as pompous as he is kind, only embracing Aladdin as a son-in-law when he was Prince Ali. But what dad would want a street rat to marry their royal daughter? He only wanted the best for her ok! Probably one of the most humiliated Disney dads when he is forced to eat those crackers by an evil talking parrot. Poor thing.

King Triton

Ok, I will admit it, I fancied King Triton, in fact he is probably where my inappropriate crushes on older men/dads started. I am not sure what is more wrong, the fact that he is half fish, or the fact he is super old. But hey, he proved his excellent taste in fashion when he made Ariel that purple gown at the end, what girl didn’t want that dress?!

Fa Zhou

This is a tricky one, because in Mulan we learn so very little about Fa Zhou. An old war hero, he was wounded in a previous battle and sees himself conscripted once again. Fa Zhou is the proudest of all Disney dads, putting honour before everything else, but still takes time to tell his daughter she is beautiful. But really what dad would really want their daughter running off to the army in his place?! You would not get away with that kind of behaviour today anyway. He overcomes his pride at the end, claiming Mulan to be his “greatest gift and honour.”  Awwwww.

Chief Powhatan

I probably like Chief Powhatan most for his voice. Let’s face it, he had a hard time with his daughter constantly jumping off cliffs, talking to trees and whatnot. And he found a nice husband for his beloved daughter only for her to fall in love with an invader! Dads. Worst. Nightmare.

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  • Anna Freja Korvin

    This is great. I’m a daddy’s girl aswell. I cried so much when Mufasa died – dad’s should not be allowed to die.

  • Lori Bytheway

    Though I did enjoy this I have to say I disagree with your choice to leave out Pongo. I mean 15 of his children where stolen by a scary crazy woman and he and his wife leave his ‘old pet Rodger’ to take matters into their own hands. Finally when they do find them after their long and difficult journey, they not only rescue their own pups but adopt 84 more! Then somehow make the journey all the way back home with all of them and all the while he never complains once. He even carries poor little Lucky in his mouth part of the way. I’m sorry but i find that way to incredible to not even mention.

  • Fabs Mostaza

    ok, the human dads were nice enough, but Mufasa jumped into a wildebeest stampede and DIED saving Simba! I mean c’mon. That makes him #1 Disney dad in my book.

  • Andrew Trust

    Maybe I will write anopther article on my top five disney animal dads? Just so many to choose from! Would love to hear your suggestions! Does anyone else love writing top fives?!
    Love Jennifer (I think I may be logged with my work facebook account…woopsss)

  • Lindsay Morrissey

    WwTotally agree w ur human picks (excuse the writing typing from tablet n I’m poor so I’m dumbfounded… weeee its like a spaceship, except its really like I have to maneuverr my fat, poor girl fingers around my rich friends ipad and not show that I’m like jubilant at the fact that I even get to touch this device hahah) but anyway if you make an animal list please include nemo’s father, I know he was excessively possessive but they totallyyyy had little fishie PTSD!! As controlling as he was he only did it out of love and (untherapized trauma…. totally not a real word but distract urself by imagining fish therapy)!!! As a PTSD victim and someone who knows how protective you get over loved ones after a loss, who agrees?

  • Jackie Pantoja

    Uhhh, am I the only one who thinks King Triton is not human? I still vote Mufasa #1

  • Sami Martin

    I may have to vote for King Stephan. After all, he did send his daughter away in an attempt to save her life. Of course, I may be biased because “Sleeping Beauty” is my fave Disney movie of all time! I loved the article/list, though!

  • Khadijah Bint Andrew

    Loved this! But, sorry, I have to agree with above comments – Pongo and Mufasa deserve a spot here! By the way, King Triton isn’t technically human…. So, he shouldn’t be on there… Sorry, me being pedantic!! :S

  • Amélie Detrez

    I agree, all the dads You’re talking about are great dads! But I also think animals should be added: Mufasaa, Pongo, Simba, etc. And among the “human dads” a very important one was forgotten: Tiana’s father: he is a great father and husband, he works hard for his family, he is a loving father to Tiana and he tells her to believe in her dreams and to work in order to achieve them, cause you can’t just wait for your dreams to come true: you have to work for it! About King Triton, you were right to mention him: after all, he’s half human, but anyway he deserves to be on your list! :-)

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