My Roommate Went to the Olive Garden

It would be a lie to say that I don’t enjoy chain restaurants (who didn’t love Chili’s in high school?! Chili’s in high school seems like a rite of passage, a true jam) but I have never been to The Olive Garden. Something about hearing it be made fun of my whole life by almost all people probably kept me away. That and the fact that I’m from Boston, a city known for its amazing Italian cuisine. However, two very important blonds in my life, Kendra Wilkinson and my roommate Sara, both say it’s amazing.

When Sara and I were both home the other evening, I decided to ask her all about The Olive Garden meal she had that day. There’s plenty of insight in this video about what is perhaps America’s most unjustly put down restaurant and also secrets given to Sara directly by TOG’s “overly-friendly” staff.