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My Recipe For: Quirky and Mysterious

So, I realize that it’s rather impossible to be both quirky and mysterious. However, my picks this week are to give you a choice. Would you rather be a fantastically fierce and sassy kind of girl, or a silly but sweet and funny kind of lady? Take your pick, or choose both for some inspiration. 


Dead Until Dark by Charlaine Harris

You’ve probably heard of the HBO hit show True Blood. And you might be a total addict like myself. I mean, even Snoop Dogg has a thing for Ms. Stackhouse. But if you haven’t checked out the Sookie Stackhouse novels, you are in for an awesome surprise. I haven’t finished the latest in the series, Deadlocked, yet (It only came out on the 1st, afterall). But this series is one of my not-so-guilty pleasures. I was one of those kids that tore through the Nance Drew series like it was going out of style, and I’m not ashamed to admit it. The Sookie Stackhouse books have some really similar features to the TV series, but the story lines are definitely more focused on Sookie in the novels. And, I find that the book Sookie is a bit more sassy and fierce, which I love.

For those of you not in the know, the series focuses on Sookie Stackhouse a waitress from Louisiana with a touch of telepathy. Life gets a little bit interesting when her small town gets its first undead resident, vampire Bill Compton. I would highly suggest starting with the first novel, Dead Until Dark, even if you watch the show. Every book has a mystery and a little twinge of romance thrown in. You can even find some great deals on a digital or physical set of the books if you trust my opinion enough to buy all the books at once ;).

You’ll like this if: you’re a fan of True Blood, Nancy Drew, and you want some vampire drama through in with your Southern Gothic family drama.

Quote: “There was enough tension in the room to send a fleet of the nervous running for their tranquilizers.”



Angus, Thongs and Full-Frontal Snogging by Louise Rennison

The Confessions of Georgia Nicolson is a delightful series where you meet the completely silly Georgia Nicolson and see the world through her journal. Georgia is a bit absurd, completely boy-obsessed and unfortunately very prone to mishaps. Also, she’s British, so you can learn some fantastic British phrases to throw into your everyday speech. The first book in the series, Angus, Thongs and Full-Frontal Snogging, introduces you to Georgia and her awesome vocabulary.

Georgia is one of the original quirky girls, but it is in a silly and sometimes ridiculous sort of way. She’s probably a bit more like the rest of us awkward quirky girls than our quirky girl leader, Ms. Zooey D. Georgia is seeking a way to become popular, grow boobs, get kissed, and all the other girly things we have been obsessed with at one time or another. Don’t let the young protagonist keep you away from this book, however. This is one of those great pick-me-up books for a really crappy day where you’ll have to fight back laughter.

You’ll like this if: you want a giggly girl book that you’ll speed right through and then want to pass on to your friends.

Quote: “As she left my room I knew I should shut up. But you know when you should shut up because you really should just shut up…but you keep on and on anyway? Well, I had that.”

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  • Dominique Richardson

    I’m a little obsessed with True Blood, so I’ve been afraid to read the books. Usually, there’s such a difference between a book and the tv show that it ends up ruining one or the other for me. I did read the entire Angus series when I was younger though. They’re awesome books for teens and young adults. It makes you feel a little less crazy realizing everyone feels, acts, and looks awkward as a teen.

    • Rebecca Kuitems

      I tell people that if you like the show, you’ll love the books. They’re definitely two different animals as far as plot goes. Plus, if you have watched all of the seasons, you can probably read the first 5 or 6 without any spoilers.

  • Alexandra Coleman

    “So, I realize that it’s rather impossible to be both quirky and mysterious.”
    Haven’t you heard the term “manic pixie dream girl?”

    • Rebecca Kuitems

      Of course! ;). I’ve always found MPDG to be more adventurous and silly than truly “mysterious.”

  • Lisa Elizabeth Wieczorek

    The Sookie Stackhouse books are great because they have a lot of plot differences from the show so if you read the books, it won’t ruin the conclusion of the show.

  • Livia Rosenburg

    Own all 10 of the amazing Georgia Nicholson books! Louise Rennison helped me through my tough teen years and I still laugh about the craziness!

    • Rebecca Kuitems

      Georgia is the best thing to make you feel like there’s someone out there weirder and wackier than you ;).

  • Lindsay Ann

    Angus, Thongs, and Full-Frontal Snogging has been one of my absolute favorite books since I was 14, and I’m now 24! Those books are hilarious.

  • Megan Alexander

    My friends and I were OBSESSED with the Georgia Nicolson series and we used to go about using all her little words like ‘nippy noodles’ and ‘knicker toaster’! We had the snogging scale memorised – even though none of us had ever even got to the holding hands stage with a boy – and we knew the dances. These books were like our Bibles!

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