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My Recipe For: Paranormal-y Pairs

An alternate title for this could have been “books about broody boys who write poems and songs.” A wee bit long for a title I think, but I’ll leave you to wonder if the paranormal part of these books is the fact that the boys are in touch with their emotions (it could also be the ghosts and werewolves thing…) 


Where She Went by Gayle Forman

I took this to the beach and got a wretched sunburn. To top it off, it was a completely awkward arm sunburn that created an obvious white triangle in the crook of my arm. Oh, the woes of the voracious reader.

I suppose I should mention that the reason this book gave me a sunburn was because it was completely delectable. Yeah, you should probably read the first book before you pick this one up. However, I was so enthralled with this book that I think it’s one of the VERY FEW sequels I would recommend over the original. Adam is so adorably lovestruck in a pain-ridden angsty way that makes you wanna reach through the book and give him a huge hug. This boy really needs some love (and not in that way, he pretty much gets love in that way whenever he wants, if you catch my drift). The lyrical nature of Gayle Forman’s story telling really fits the music-laced story-line and wraps you up inside of the story until you’re left surrounded.

Three years ago, Mia left Adam after an accident that completely changed her life. She picked up, moved across the country, and devastated the hell out of him. Adam becomes a rock star with a celebrity girl friend, and he is still completely wrapped up in everything Mia. And not the audiences or the various combinations of vices can make him forget or move on. So, what happens when he gets the chance at one more night with Mia? (Okay, The paranormal part of this book is kind of in the first book, since Mia narrates the first book from her stance in a coma. I think it totally counts as paranormal, though.)

You’ll like this if: you enjoy the slightly-self-destructive-broody boys (I mean, who doesn’t?)  &  you want something substantive and romantic.

Quote: “There are so many things that demand to be said. Where did you go? Do you ever think about me? You`ve ruined me. Are you okay? But of course, I can`t say any of that.”


Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater

I picked this book up as it was billed as an “alternative”  to Twilight. I was curious to see what the author would do differently in the wake of the vampire/werewolf pop culture phenomenon. I have to say that this book is an original take on an overdone topic, and that’s certainly saying something. There’s quite a bit more science and explanation into the werewolfian condition in the later books, and I would recommend this book both as a standalone and as a whole series.

The gist: Sam is… a wolf. No, no. Not a werewolf. Sam is a dude that turns into a wolf. And when he’s a wolf he has no recollection of anything human. His humanity is completely overtaken to a point where he basically blacks out for months on end. And as he gets older, his time as a human gets shorter and shorter. Despite this, Sam is struggling to hold on to his identity, and he’s scared that he may lose everything that makes him—him.

Sam meets Grace six years prior to the start of the novel when he’s in his wolf-y state. He saves her from getting attacked, and since that moment the two have had a connection. Except that Grace only knows Sam as a wolf. So what will happen when Grace finally meets Sam in his human form?

You’ll Like this if you you’re in the mood for: A touch of Romance, A dash of Paranormal, A hint of Sappy, and A lot of Girl meets Boy.

Quote: “’You’re beautiful and sad,’ I said finally, not looking at him when I did. ‘Just like your eyes. You’re like a song that I heard when I was a little kid but forgot I knew until I heard it again.’ For a long moment there was only the whirring sound of the tires on the road, and then Sam said softly, ‘Thank you.’”

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