My Phone's Gone Missing

How many times a month do you lose your phone?

Leave it at home but think it’s gone forever?

Left it at a bar or in a friend’s hoopty?

Buried it in the couch by accident, or on purpose?

I admit I’ve done all of the above in the last few weeks. I normally wouldn’t Google what to do when I am being lazy with my expensive technology, but I decided it was worth a shot! The internet never ceases to amaze me. The first ‘result’ on Google was I mean, really! Amazing! You type in your number and blammo, the computer calls your phone. Brilliant!

The only catch: don’t have your phone on silent.
  • Ashley Lynn Cook

    WOW! This is brilliant! I am so attached to my phone lol, I rarely have it more than 5 feet away from me! 😀

    • Shari

      We are SO attached aren’t we?

  • Molly McAleer

    I use all of the time.

  • Lauren Nespoli

    That’s an awesome site! Usually I get someone else to call my phone, but it’s on vibrate like 99% of the time so depending on where it is sometimes you can hear or feel the vibrations, but not always! Luckily, I don’t lose my cell phone that often!

  • Allyson Bousema

    I think they need to figure out how to manual turn your phone off silent to allow it to ring oooooor charge it somehow because once it’s been lost for too long, it DIES. bummer

  • Monet Patterson

    I’ve lost my phone so often that if I don’t answer a call/text within five minutes family and friends automatically assume that another phone lost its life in the line of duty. I’ve lost phone in the most ridiculous ways: accidentally throwing it down a recycling chute, having it fall out of a whole in my brand-new stylish destroyed jorts into a hot tub. I have a problem.

  • Arianna Stolt

    Calling my lost phone is actually the only function I use Skype for, but this is way easier.

  • Kat Yularen-Akbar

    I can’t get my phone to ring with it, I thought the area code for Aust is 61 but I could be wrong :( poo

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