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My Love of Perfume

First of all, I’d like everyone to know that I smell gorgeous. Now you’re probably thinking to yourself, “Why is she telling us this? And isn’t that a tad bit narcissistic?” Well, perhaps a little! Now, why am I telling you about the way I smell? It’s because I recently bought perfume from quite possibly the greatest store, or technically section of a store, in the world. You, like many others, have probably been to Macy’s. However, have you been to the soap store inside of Macy’s? Lush is one of the best smelling places I’ve ever been to.

Last week, my friend and I spent about an hour in there being pampered by the salespeople. Speaking of salespeople, if there were an Oscar for salespeople, then the ones at Lush would take everything! These folks are very good at what they do – I ended up spending half of my money! But the things I got? They’re absolutely to die for! I spent approximately 30 bucks on two things. I have to say – they’re worth every penny, or almost every penny, though. I got this perfume called Orange Blossom, I believe… and a lip balm that works miracles.

However, on to my scent. Right now, I smell like I’ve been lying in an enchanted garden for the past two hours with butterflies kissing my cheeks. Now I know what you’re thinking. “Isn’t this a little dramatic? Boy, I’m hungry, I could really go for some watermelon.” Okay the last part was just what I was thinking, but otherwise, yes, I am being dramatic. That’s what great perfume does to you. Or is that just me? Does anyone else feel the need to recite Shakespearean poetry or spin around in a meadow when you’ve found perfume that smells really good? Perhaps that’s just one of my many bizarre quirks.

My feelings are, though, that when you smell good you feel good. I know that sometimes over vacation I just lay around for days and don’t shower because there’s no need, you know you’ve done it too. But after I’ve gotten out of that funk and showered and put on some cute clothes, I feel about a million times better. Sometimes I’ve been caught sniffing my hair, or hand, or whatever smells nice. Good smells are like comfort food for the soul- as well as chocolate, of course. I’ve about run out of things to say so I’ll just wrap things up.

1) Lush is heaven on earth.

2) I smell fabulous

3) Perfume does something to me.

By Paloma

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