BFFs of the Week

My Love Letter To Summer Camps

Dear Summer Camp,

I am writing this to you to show my gratitude for the 7 years of sleep away camp you gave me from ages 9-15. I was also a CIT (counselor in training) and a counselor, but now I’m just bragging.

Summer Camp, you raised me to be the woman I am today and I am quite a woman. I am excellent at sleepovers, eating at buffets and impromptu sing-alongs – all of this because of you.  You raised me to know what it was like to share my lanyards with others, how to live in disgusting close quarters and pretend hiking was fun. Most of all, thank you for taking me away from my parents and normal school friends. Your camp friends are seriously your best kind of friends. They are the kind of friends you can talk to once a year or even every few years and share endless memories with. It’s like you were away at war together, except it was color war and not something tragic. If you are a “camp” person, you understand the sort of bond that happens in these forests of arts and crafts.

Summer camp, you let young teenagers be in charge of my safety and my emotions. Later I would find out that all these trusted counselors did was drink and hook up after they left us, but back then I just thought my counselors needed extra rest and extra snacks from the canteen.

A day with you guys felt like weeks in the best way possible. The first day of camp is exciting and the last day of camp is horribly devastating. I honestly think I learned about heartbreak and pain from those intense goodbyes.  You forced me to do activities that I would otherwise deem ridiculous like zip lining, but you also taught me how to make friendship bracelets, which I still wear and share today.

Summer camps, you are a place where kids can roam free (minus going into the bushes – you have counselors that patrol with flashlights for that), a place where kids can learn responsibility and do things like “ice breakers”.

Thank you for everything.

One day I will pay you back and try to spread the love and joy you shared with me throughout the years.

I understand that everyone wasn’t as fortunate and able to go to summer camp, and for that I say that my goal for HelloGiggles is to one day have a summer camp & make sure we have the best talent show in the game.