Teenage Wasteland

My Hair DISASTER, And What It Looks Like Now!

When I was 10, I was visiting my Gramma for a few weeks when she suggested that I get a few blonde highlights in my hair. I had never had my hair dyed and I thought it would be fun, so I said yes. We went to the drug store and bought a do-it-yourself dyeing thing. I got home, we did it, and my whole entire head was was ORANGE. It was so not a good color on me. I was even embarrassed to even go outside, so we called the salon and went in the next day. I dyed my hair blonde. I thought it looked bad, but everyone else said it looked nice so I kept it.

I got home and my mom hated it! To my pleasure, she said that she would get it back to its original color (brownish) by doing one of those do-it-yourself things – the same one that made my hair orange. Once we used it, my hair was a disaster. It was so blonde that it was almost white and I could swear for a minute it even looked purple.

My final resolution was to chop it all off. I was on the junior provincial swimming team so it was better anyway. Plus, my hair was also really messed up from the chlorine. I had an Emma Watson pixie cut and everyone said it looked cute, but I was still not too crazy about it. This is it after it grew out a little.

Now, my hair has grown out. My mom promised me for my 12th birthday that I could get a streak. I always thought that my hair was really boring so getting a streak would make it awesome. Even though my birthday was 6 months ago, I just got it. Its kind of a magenta-ish color. Tell me what you think! I really like it.

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