My God, This Is Beautiful: Clock Opera's ‘Once and For All'

I’m obsessed with this video. I’ve been watching it and crying and then watching it again and crying again and hugging my stuffed animals in an endless cycle. I’m also PMS-ing at the moment, but that’s got nothing to do with it – this video is probably one of the most beautiful – and saddest – things I’ve ever seen.

Allow me to get sentimental on you for a minute: Love and life are so fragile and you have to take every single second, grab it all up and don’t let any of it get away from you if you can help it. Speak up, reach out. Love.

  • Paola Cuellar

    I just sobbed my little heart out. Beautiful all the same!

  • Rachel Dudash

    I wish I hadn’t watched that…now I’m spiraling into a deep dark depression.

  • Becky Gilbert

    yup, cried like a baby. isn’t life so beautifully sad? And sadly beautiful? Thanks for sharing. :)

  • Mary Frances Shutes

    I’ll take the reccomendation, but my Grandfather’s funeral was yesterday… not going to watch this just yet.

  • Christina Wortman

    I seriously love you and hate you for showing this. It’s so beautiful and depressing. Poor pop pop!

  • Shannon Grigsby

    I don’t have your emotional stamina – I can only watch this once. Beautiful and sad all the same.

  • Dani Hawkins

    I had the biggest lump in my throat. Couldn’t swallow. How moving!

  • Samiralotta Pfefferminza Maassen

    Oh God, I think I just got depressive. But beautifully depressive.

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