Music For Women By Women: Songs Every Woman Should OwnMyrna Valadez

Sure, there is tons of music out there that makes us feel good, bad, sad, mad, etc. Then there are songs that are tailor-made for women, songs that express what we feel when we can’t put it into our own words. Songs that help us walk a little taller, comfort us when love has kicked us in the ribs and help put life into perspective.

This playlist is so much more than just a playlist, it’s a collection of stories of love, empowerment, heartbreak and foolishness – subjects all women can relate to. This is a list of songs that every woman should have in her music collection because after all, we can’t be expected to share everything with men.

The Pretenders – ‘Brass in Pocket’
Noteworthy lyric: “‘Cause I’m gonna make you see / There’s nobody else here / No one like me”

Fiona Apple – ‘Not About Love’
Noteworthy lyric: “Take all the things that I’ve said that he stole / Put ‘em in a sack / Swing ‘em over my shoulder / Turn on my heels / Step out of this sight / Try to live in a lovelier light”

Bjork: ‘Declare Independence’
Noteworthy lyric: “Don’t let them do that to you”

Blondie: ‘The Tide Is High’
Noteworthy lyric: “I’m not the kind of girl who gives up just like that / Oh no”

Camera Obscura:  ‘Tears For Affairs’
Noteworthy lyric: “I can tell you this for nothing / You won’t win”

The Cardigans: ‘Losing My Favorite Game’
Noteworthy lyric: “I had a vision I could turn you right / A stupid mission and a lethal fight / I should have seen it when my hope was new / My heart is black and my body is blue”

Cat Power: ‘The Greatest’
Noteworthy lyric: “Once I wanted to be the greatest / No wind or water fall could stall me”

The Cranberries: ‘Dreams’
Noteworthy lyric: “Talk to me amazing mind / So understanding and so kind / You’re everything to me”

Duffy: ‘Distant Dreamer’
Noteworthy lyric: “Even when you see me frown / My heart won’t let me down because I know there’s better things to come”

Garbage: ‘Cup Of Coffee’
Noteworthy lyric: “So no of course we can’t be friends / Not while I’m still this obsessed / I guess I always knew the score / This is how our story ends”

Natalie Imbruglia: ‘Leave Me Alone’
Noteworthy lyric: “You say don’t be blue / Is that the best you can do? / I’ve lost my patience now”

Nelly Furtado: ‘Powerless’
Noteworthy lyric: “Cause this life is too short to live it just for you / But when you feel so powerless what are you gonna do? / So say what you want”

Poe: ‘Walk The Walk’
Noteworthy lyric: “I wanna walk to the beat of my own drum / I wanna live to the beat of my own drum / I wanna take to the beat of my own drum”

She & Him: ‘Gonna Get Along With Out You Now’
Noteworthy lyric: “Got along without you before I met you / Gonna get along without you now / Gonna find somebody that’s twice as cute / Cause I didn’t like you anyhow”

Sia: ‘Clap Your Hands’
Noteworthy lyric: “Come on dance / Take a chance on romance / We only get one shot at love”

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  • Gisela Andreani

    What about Do wah doo, by Kate Nash??? That’s such a girl power song, it should be on this list!

  • Madeleine Rose Carroll

    a bit disappointed when i clicked through to see what songs you’d picked. i was expecting empowering girl power anthems i get a list of love songs! why are the songs that ‘every woman should own’ all related to heartache over a guy? perhaps the title of the article could be more like.. love songs every woman should own?

  • Anonymous

    what a dope list. I am looking forward to more installments Myrna

  • Grbanović Sanja

    This so great :))) x0x0

  • Amelia Soler

    Cool songs, you missed ‘Just a girl’ by No Doubt (Gwen Stefani)!!

  • Michelle Buckland

    I echo “Video” by India.Arie should be on the list – perhaps the next one?

    • Myrna Valadez

      I haven’t listened to Indie Arie in a long time! I think I’ll give her a spin and keep her in mind for the next installment, thank you!

  • Mo Diaz

    I needed this. My relationship just went into the shitter after 5 years. I’m devistated and some of these lyrics really helped.

    • Myrna Valadez

      I’m sorry Mo, break-ups are never easy. I’m glad some of this music can bring you some comfort while you’re on a emotional rollercoaster. We’re here for you sister-friend!

  • Grace Eyre

    Yes, great list!! And exactly what I need right now – I’ve been putting together a post-breakup playlist. Some of my other favorites include Fiona Apple’s “Sleep to Dream” when you’re really really mad, and Camera Obscura’s “Lloyd, I’m Ready to be Heartbroken” which is great for just feeling like that’s part of life, embrace it :) Thanks for the ideas!

    • Myrna Valadez

      @ Daphne, sounds like a good idea! I’d love to give it a go!

    • Myrna Valadez

      ‘Lloyd, I’m Ready To Be Heartbroken’ is one of my favorite Camera Obscura songs <3

    • Daphne Melvin

      a post-breakup playlist is something EVERY girl needs, particularly ME at this moment in my life! i would love to see something like that as your next project, Myrna!

  • Emily Ayers

    Good choices. I love the Sia song so much this summer.

  • Carleen Guffey Abercrombie

    Meredith Brooks–Bitch- should be included. “I’m a bitch, I’m a lover, I’m a child, I’m a mother, I’m a sinner, I’m a saint and I do not feel ashamed”. Cher–Save Up All Your Tears.

  • Brittani Aftin Combs

    this list is amazing :)

  • Courtney Jimmie

    Deb Talan’s Rocks & Water is genius: “Don’t forget the time I wooed him with red wine. The devil, he wore such a fine, fine shirt and it stayed so clean while he dragged me through the dirt. Now, honey, don’t trust anyone who looks you in the eye. Don’t take any kindness it’s a demand in disguise.” –

    Her song How Will He Find Me? is great, too: “If I don’t stand out like a star among the moons. If I am always late & he always backs away too soon. … If I am too wide open for this place, but not enough for him to recognize my face.” –

  • Kim Damman

    santigold – i’m a lady

    being a confident lady is what we should all pursue.

    • Wendy McCardle

      Good suggestion. I’d personally add “Unstoppable” to the list.

  • Lorien Crow

    Thanks for this! Some great stuff here…would love to see some Ani DiFranco on the list though! Some great examples: “’cause someone you don’t know is someone you don’t know, get a firm grip girl before you let go,for every hand extended, another lies in wait,keep your eye on that one; anticipate.” And, “it’s a long long road, it’s a big big world, we are wise wise women, we are giggling girls, we both carry a smile to show when we’re pleased, we both carry a switchblade in our sleeves.”

  • Josue Emmanuel Villagrana

    The Greatest does not belong to women!!!

  • Lauren Cummings

    Come on guys she can’t list every artist and every song. We all think we know the perfect song, write your own article.

    • Pedro Diaz

      Agree! We cant expect her to like everything under the sun.

  • Agnes Nutter

    I know you have a lot of choices, but I think the list could have been a little longer to include Ani DiFranco, as well as others mentioned by other posters.

    • Myrna Valadez

      Yes, a lot was left out! I guess in the interest of giving credit where credit is due, there will be more installments. Who do you suggest besides the ladies listed above? Thanks for commenting!

  • Cyndi Lopez

    No Rilo Kiley? No mention of Amy Winehouse’s first masterpiece, Frank? Nothing about the ULTIMATE modern woman’s anthem, “Video” by India.Arie? No Erikh Badu? (come to think of it, no women of color at all…). Nothing from the great Neko Case or her heartbreak predecessor Emmylou Harris? No Gillian Welch?

    • Myrna Valadez

      I couldn’t include a lot but I do believe there will be more lists to come. Reading feedback always helps me branch out and listen to more talented women. Thanks for the suggestions! Oh, and Nelly Furtado is Latina :)

  • Courtney Riedmann

    How about “Ladykillers” by Lush. Here’s a few lines for you: “I’m as human as the next girl/
    I like a bit of flattery/ But I don’t need your practised lines/ your school of charm mentality/ so
    save your breath for someone else/ and credit me with something more”

  • Stephanie Farrell

    What about Jenny Lewis? No Jenny?

    • Myrna Valadez

      Part 2 to come! I don’t know too much RK, what would you suggest I listen to?

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