Music For Women By Women: Songs Every Woman Should Own

Sure, there is tons of music out there that makes us feel good, bad, sad, mad, etc. Then there are songs that are tailor-made for women, songs that express what we feel when we can’t put it into our own words. Songs that help us walk a little taller, comfort us when love has kicked us in the ribs and help put life into perspective.

This playlist is so much more than just a playlist, it’s a collection of stories of love, empowerment, heartbreak and foolishness – subjects all women can relate to. This is a list of songs that every woman should have in her music collection because after all, we can’t be expected to share everything with men.

The Pretenders – ‘Brass in Pocket’
Noteworthy lyric: “‘Cause I’m gonna make you see / There’s nobody else here / No one like me”

Fiona Apple – ‘Not About Love’
Noteworthy lyric: “Take all the things that I’ve said that he stole / Put ’em in a sack / Swing ’em over my shoulder / Turn on my heels / Step out of this sight / Try to live in a lovelier light”

Bjork: ‘Declare Independence’
Noteworthy lyric: “Don’t let them do that to you”

Blondie: ‘The Tide Is High’
Noteworthy lyric: “I’m not the kind of girl who gives up just like that / Oh no”

Camera Obscura:  ‘Tears For Affairs’
Noteworthy lyric: “I can tell you this for nothing / You won’t win”

The Cardigans: ‘Losing My Favorite Game’
Noteworthy lyric: “I had a vision I could turn you right / A stupid mission and a lethal fight / I should have seen it when my hope was new / My heart is black and my body is blue”

Cat Power: ‘The Greatest’
Noteworthy lyric: “Once I wanted to be the greatest / No wind or water fall could stall me”

The Cranberries: ‘Dreams’
Noteworthy lyric: “Talk to me amazing mind / So understanding and so kind / You’re everything to me”

Duffy: ‘Distant Dreamer’
Noteworthy lyric: “Even when you see me frown / My heart won’t let me down because I know there’s better things to come”

Garbage: ‘Cup Of Coffee’
Noteworthy lyric: “So no of course we can’t be friends / Not while I’m still this obsessed / I guess I always knew the score / This is how our story ends”

Natalie Imbruglia: ‘Leave Me Alone’
Noteworthy lyric: “You say don’t be blue / Is that the best you can do? / I’ve lost my patience now”

Nelly Furtado: ‘Powerless’
Noteworthy lyric: “Cause this life is too short to live it just for you / But when you feel so powerless what are you gonna do? / So say what you want”

Poe: ‘Walk The Walk’
Noteworthy lyric: “I wanna walk to the beat of my own drum / I wanna live to the beat of my own drum / I wanna take to the beat of my own drum”

She & Him: ‘Gonna Get Along With Out You Now’
Noteworthy lyric: “Got along without you before I met you / Gonna get along without you now / Gonna find somebody that’s twice as cute / Cause I didn’t like you anyhow”

Sia: ‘Clap Your Hands’
Noteworthy lyric: “Come on dance / Take a chance on romance / We only get one shot at love”

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