Dress Me Like a Celebrity

Music Festival Fashion Must-Haves

Well, weekend one of Coachella has come and gone, but instead of moping around my apartment and watching Florence + The Machine’s entire set twenty more times, I thought I’d be productive and compile a list of my music festival fashion must-haves. After all, everyone knows the second best part of festival going (after seeing the bands, of course) is playing dress-up. Whether you plan on actually attending a music fest this summer or are simply searching for some boho-chic pieces, consider taking a cue from these stylish starlets when planning your ultimate festival-inspired getup.

1. Denim shorts – Okay, this item is a no-brainer, but I have to say the best pair of shorts to wear at a music festival is a denim pair. Despite wearing chinos and regular linen shorts to festivals in the past, I’ve come to learn that nothing compares to sturdy ol’ jorts. Plus, if you spend a good chunk of time sitting on dusty, muddy or littered ground in between sets, you’ll be thankful to be wearing them. Vanessa Hudgens opted to wear a pair of frayed denim short-shorts this past weekend in Indio, and I found several variations online that would make stylish substitutes.

2. A comfortable day or maxi dress – Although a dress doesn’t sound like the most ideal item to wear during a weekend-long, outdoor jam session, it can definitely be rewarding when the time comes to contend with the heat. However, I’d save a dress with a body-con silhouette for a different occasion because music festivals are all about mobility. In other words, the looser and lighter the dress, the better. Diane Kruger’s colorblock polo dress is a perfect example of how to keep your look chic but less constricting, and Fergie’s white halter maxi dress provides ample leg coverage while being flowy enough to keep you cool. Below are my picks for equally stylish and comfortable fest dresses.

3. Boots – If for some reason there was only one style of shoe you could pack for a music festival, I would urge you to choose a pair of boots. Not only will they shield your feet from dirt, trash and unruly festival goers, but they’ll also still look cute even if you scuff them up. (It gives them character!) Naturally, festivals prone to rain require footwear along the lines of Hunter Wellies, but for other fests, I recommend sticking with a pair of ankle boots. More stylish than tennis shoes but not as restrictive as knee-high boots, ankle boots are optimal for warmer weather, outdoor environments and pairing with both shorts and dresses. Hudgens, Kruger and Fergie wore their favorite booties last weekend, and here are my favorites for complementing your festival look.

4. Accessories. Lots and lots of accessories – Music festivals are a time to accessorize to the max, which also means it’s time to toss the “remove one accessory” rule out the window. Want to stack your arms up with bangles? Go for it. Wear a string of flowers around your head? I’ll join you. Dust off your old mood rings and wear them on each finger and toe? Sounds uncomfortable, but hey, who cares?! The point is: there is no limit for the amount of accessories you choose to wear. I adore Emma Watson’s floppy hat and gold accents on both her belt and bag, and Fergie’s baubles are chic additions to her fringed and flowy ensemble. In order to find the best bling for your music fest outfit, look to Forever 21 and Francesca’s Collections. With regard to finding a stylish bag, either a crossbody or backpack would be the most practical choice, as oftentimes totes or shoulder bags become a nuisance when maneuvering throughout the fest or getting your dance on. Moreover, perhaps the best accessories to wear are the ones that shield you from the sun, which include sunglasses, hats (or headwraps) and plenty of sunscreen (yes, this totally counts). You’ll be glad you didn’t head to the festival without them.

At the end of the day, music festival fashion is all about having fun with what you wear, which is why even the honorable mentions of this list (rompers, bandeaus and vests) are also great pieces. But I hope with whichever items you buy, or decide to make on your own, you feel confident, comfortable and, most importantly, ready to enjoy the nonstop music! Unfortunately, I don’t think I’ll be attending any festivals this year, though I’ve gone to Lollapalooza for the past three. So I want to know, are you headed to any festivals in the coming months? Or do you have your own list of style essentials you’d like to share? As always, feel free to do so!

Vanessa Hudgens and Fergie images via zimbio.com (1, 2) ; Diane Kruger image via peoplestylewatch.com ; Emma Watson image via ew.com