Music Exclusive: Sweet Sucré SymphoniesSamantha Kirschberg

You may have seen them on Nylon or Spinner or maybe mentioned by Dianna Agron’s website, You Me & Charlie, calling them “so Charlie”. If not, I’m here to introduce them.

Their name is Sucré – French for “sweet”, which is exactly what their music is. On her blog, Stacy says, “My maiden name is DuPree so I wanted the name of my new project to reflect my ancient origins and my overall affection for everything French!” The band combines the beautiful vocals of Stacy King, her husband Darren King on percussion and the multi-instrumentalist Jeremy Larson.

Stacy grew up in a huge music family. She is in the band Eisley with her siblings. When asked about how young she was when she started in the music industry, she responded: “Young as they come!  I wrote my first song when I was 8 years old and started playing shows with my siblings when I was just 10. We got signed to a major label when I was 14 and then I’ve pretty much just been on and off tour since then. It’s been a crazy, bumpy, but beautiful road.  I feel super thankful to have gotten such an early start and to still be able to be doing what I love. And now with my husband! It’s a total joy.”

Darren plays drums for the band Mute Math. (Jennie Albano actually raved about Darren’s insanely awesome drumming in Mute Math in a ‘Now Hear This’ post.) And Jeremy used his time performing, producing and adding crazy string arrangements to different bands’ records. They are still 100% committed to Eisley and Mute Math, so fans don’t worry! They are headed to the studio to record their next albums. In the future, we may even see Sucré on tour with them.

Their debut record, A Minor Bird, comes out on April 10th. The trio made and produced the record themselves at Jeremy’s studio in Springfield, Missouri. Finding inspiration from each other- they’d go back and forth sending music, melodies and beats.

Combining their talents, they create whimsical, dreamy symphonies with beautiful string arrangements. The songs literally sweep you off your feet and transport you to a meadow where you just want to spin around aimlessly.

When I first heard their single ‘When We Were Young’, I thought of the movie Garden State. Not sure why, but I feel like it could’ve been on the movie soundtrack. With it’s cinematic feel,  it belongs in a movie. The music video is enchanting. Darren directed and edited the video using no special effects- just the mirrors and lighting from Elsie Larson’s store. Elsie also created Stacy’s dress for the video.

“We are so thrilled that the time to share this album is finally here. These songs were birthed out of love and friendship. To me they will always be a reminder of the season of our lives where Darren and I were engaged and got married.  I can’t wait for other people to hear them and hopefully ascribe meanings of their own to them,” says Stacy.

And now for the exclusive for HelloGiggles readers – we get to hear the record a full day before it releases! Check it out below and let me know what you think!


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  2. I’ve been waiting for this :)

  3. ‘Chemical Reaction’ is the best among the awesome-ness. xD

  4. Blew me away!

  5. So incredible! I’m a massive fan of Eisley, Mute Math, and Jeremy Larson, so this album is like a dream!

  6. <3

  7. I have listened to Eisley for almost 10 years now and I absolutely love everything that comes out of the DuPree family! I can’t wait to buy this tomorrow!

  8. Oh my….’Lighten Up’ and ‘Chemical Reaction’ !!!! The whole album is stellar!

  9. Standout tracks are “Chemical Reaction” & “Stampede.” Also “Say Something,” “Endless Sleep,” and of course the single “When We Were Young.” Though I could easily call any of these songs my “favorite.”

  10. Eisley is one of my favorite bands, and this record is just so outstanding. I’m nearly speechless. Stacy’s killer vocals, Darren’s beats, and Jeremy’s absolutely breathtaking arrangements…This has easily shot its way to the top of my favorite albums of all time list.

  11. Every time I listen to “When We Were Young,” I feel like I’m being showered with golden rays of light, and I am beyond happy that the rest of the album makes me feel the same! It’s almost too beautiful for words!

  12. Oh my, I am so happy.

  13. Good moves, Hello Giggles! Sucré is beautiful music and I’m happy y’all are on board. Happily listening through for the first time and most likely not the last time today

  14. Too too good. My day is made <3.

  15. can’t wait to have this album on my iPod and listen to it on repeat :D
    Even better will be when Sucre goes on tour… live is the best!!