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Muse – ‘Madness'

It’s been three years since we’ve had a new Muse album and I for one am extremely happy that the wait is almost over. True, we were given a little taste o’ the new when their song ‘Survival’ was picked as the official tune of the 2012 London Olympics – but now we’ve got a proper single that I think will satisfy diehard Muse fans as well as lure in some fresh ears. ‘Madness’ is the latest track off of their record The 2nd Law which hits US stores and your iTunes screens on October 1st. Oh, and in case you were wondering, that 2nd Law they are referring to is just the ‘Second Law of Thermodynamics’ – nothing too heavy, right?

I have been a huge Muse fan for years, long before Stephanie Meyer told the world about just how much influence they had on her writing the Twilight series and a whole legion of Twi-Hards took to fawning over the British trio.  When I saw them headline Lollapalooza in 2008, it was the kind of impactful performance that stays with you forever.  If you’ve never seen them live, I suggest you get yourself to YouTube and check out what a dynamic, electric and insanely entertaining experience that is.  Or, you can also check them out October 6th when they take over Saturday Night Live along with fellow Brit Daniel Craig.

This new song is really cool because it has a lot of classic Muse elements along with a few new twists and surprises as it goes on – a sure sign of the band’s continuing efforts to grow while conquering new musical ground.  There’s even this subtle but effective use of the wub-wub-wub, dubstep-ish effect that bass guitarist Chris Wolstenholme achieves by manipulating a neat piece of gear called a KAOSS pad.  It is a full four minutes into the song before we even get to hear frontman Matt Bellamy’s signature soaring, anthemic vocals take flight… but trust me, it is well worth investing in that much of the track to get to this payoff.

The video just came out this week and it’s a really interesting piece that nicely juxtaposes the understated sensuality of the song with some really raw, violent images of an underground riot in the London tube.  It doesn’t hurt that two unnaturally hot models have a romantic moment in the midst of all the chaos, either.  After you watch it once, I have a feeling you’ll be pressing replay again and again.  Take a look and a listen below and let me know if you guys are also m-m-m-m-mad for the latest from Muse.

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