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MTV's ‘Awkward.' Recap: Sex, Lies, Sanctuary (S02E02)

I apologize for the amount of times I use caps lock in this recap… So much happened in this episode of Awkward.

Let me just say that I think Jake and Jenna (Janna? Jeke?) are ADORABLE. The majority of the small but expanding fandom of Awkward on Tumblr all thinks that Jenna and Matty (Jatty? Menna?) are going to end up together, though. That will probably happen, but I think it still sucks for Jenna. He was too embarrassed to be with her in public, couldn’t make up his mind and if he is only realizing that he wants her once she’s with someone else… eeesh. Matty’s so cute, though. Jake is so nice, though! I’m leaning towards Janna. I think. MAYBE.

At the beginning of the episode, it shows Jenna and Jake holding hands. IN PUBLIC! My 13-year-old overreacting fangirly HEART! Soon after, it’s revealed that there is a hidden camera filming EVERYTHING happening at the Sanctuary. For those of you who don’t know, the sanctuary is behind the bleachers at their school, and everyone goes there to, well, hook up. If any of you remember, Matty and Jenna hooked up there many times in the first season. DILEMMA! As the whole school is going through drama because of the scandals on the tape that may or may not be released into the public, Matty and Jenna are facing problems of their own. Jake knows that Jenna lost her V card to this guy that she used to be in love with, but he doesn’t know who. Jake’s freaking out all the time about it. Jenna feels bad for not telling him who it is, but is afraid that if she tells him that he’ll hate her and Matty.

Now, Jenna is wondering how to get the tape and destroy it before Jake sees. The answer is simple to her: ask the Asians! The Asian community knows everything about everyone at school, so obviously they know something about the tape. Many people in the tumblr fandom of Awkward. think that this concept was racist, but personally I don’t think they were being racist at all. Jenna asks Ming to get friendly with the cliche of Asian students to see if they know anything about the tape, and the Asian community has open arms for Ming. Becca, the leader of the Asian cliche, agrees to get the tape for Ming. Later, Becca tells Ming that she owes her, and that she’s in their circle of trust.

Jenna’s mom is trying to bribe her into loving her again by making all of Jenna’s favorite foods, but Jenna’s not buying it. Jenna is not only mad at her for writing the letter, but for not telling her dad. I think that Jenna’s mom, Lacey, has ZERO idea on how to raise a daughter and she’s a really horrible parent, but that may just be me. Who writes a horrible letter to her daughter, trying to “help” her?? Her dad is obviously suspicious, and at the end of the episode when Lacey tells him what she did, WE NEVER SAW HIS REACTION! I’m really looking forward to what he thinks and how he responds.

THE PART OF THE EPISODE THAT MAKES MY HEART SWOON EVERY TIME!!!! Jake and Matty are having a discussion about Jenna. Jake is really bummed out, because he thinks that Jenna might still have feelings for this mystery guy (MATTY). Jake talks about how she was in love with this other guy, and pretty much right after he says that, Matty runs over to Jenna AND TELLS HER HE LOVES HER!!!!!!! I swear, these things in fictional TV shows make me literally squeal with joy. This is why I’m on the fence about Team Matty, because HE IS JUST SO CUTE!!

Thanks to Ming’s “Frasians” (friend-asians), we have found out that Matty and Jenna aren’t on the tape. That leaves Jenna and Matty both relieved. Matty apologized to Jenna for being an assh**e. I squealed, AGAIN!!! Jenna is still getting anonymous comments on her blog. I think that it’s someone she knows, and they’re going to leak it eventually. Maybe. Jake goes to Jenna’s house, and Jenna doesn’t tell him that Matty is the mystery guy… ERRRGG!! I wish she would have told him! I think he deserves to know. It is his best friend, after all. The episode ends with Jake and Jenna kissing, and me squealing uncontrollably.

To watch this week’s episode of Awkward., click here. I’m definitely looking forward to next week’s episode! Are you? Leave me a comment telling me what you thought of this week’s episode, or talk to me on my Tumblr, Twitter or Facebook. Thanks for reading!