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MTV’S ‘AWKWARD.’ RECAP: (S02E07) + (S02E08)

Hello, fellow Awkward. fans!

My apologies for not doing a recap of last week’s episode. I was on vay-cay and didn’t have much Wi-Fi! So, since the last two episodes were a “to be continued” kind of thing, I figured I’d just recap both episodes.

The first episode starts out with Jenna, her Mom, Ally and Sadie at the wedding dress salon, trying on dresses. When Ally announces that she’s buying everyone their bridesmaids dresses, Jenna’s given the impression that since being a bride to be, Ally’s changed. For the better. When Ally brings out a different, uglier dress for Jenna, though, her theory is again broken.

Lacey is hoping that the wedding will be an opportunity to hook up with Kevin, but when Ally tells her that he’s not coming, she decides to try and rekindle something with her ex, Ben. Jenna, who is really disgusted (who wouldn’t be?), takes her Mom spending the night at the hotel as a good time to do it with Jake. While THIS is all happening, Ally is in psycho “I’m about to get married and nothing is ready and everything is going to be horrible” mode. I’m pretty sure all brides are like that the day of their wedding, though.

Matty delivers Jake his tux for the wedding and Matty and Jenna talk. Matty said that seeing Jake and Jenna together did sting a little, and my fangirling heart exploded into five hundred million little pieces…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I- I mean. It was cute.

Jake, being the adorable puppy dog he is, notices that Ricky and Sadie are purposely flirting so Tamara feels bad. He comforts Tamara, and decides to confront Sadie about trying to hurt Tamara.


Sadie tells Jake about Jenna and Matty. And then the episode ends. Waiting for the next episode was the hardest thing in my life, but I survived. This is when happened next.

Jake. Breaks. Up. With. Jenna.

I’m not going to pretend like this is devastating to me. It’s not. I ship Jenna and Matty… and that’s why I loved this episode so much. Jenna is completely devastated though, and keeps asking Jake what happened. He refuses to tell her though, and leaves. This makes Jenna leave, too. Aww!!

Jenna sees that her Mom and Ben are getting prettttyyyy close. She calls her dad and tells him it’s an emergency. When he comes, Lacey and Ben are slow dancing. Kevin gets upset and leaves. I may be the only one, but I want Kevin and Lacey to be together… is that weird?

While everyone is back at the wedding, Jenna’s at home, racking her brain of what she did wrong to Jake. She’s interrupted, though…. by MATTY!! He’s at her door! He comforts her about Jake and tells her everything going to be okay… I swear to God. I’m dying at this point. My Jenna/Matty feels are insane.

Jake listens to the voicemail that Jenna left him and realizes that what he did was a mistake. He goes to Jenna’s house to talk to her (I guess) but Matty’s already there…

Jenna tells Matty that the reason why she’s struggling to fall in love with Jake is because she hasn’t fallen out of love with him.. and then THEY KISS!!! THEY. KISS!!!!!!!!! Jake saw Matty and Jenna kissing. I just… can’t. My emotions at this part were slowly melting into a puddle of sparkles.

That’s what happened on the last two weeks’ episodes. What did you think? Did you fangirl as hard as me? Leave me a comment below, or talk to me on my Twitter or Tumblr. Thanks for reading!

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