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MTV's Awkward Recap: Resolutions (Season 2 Episode 1)

Yesterday, Season 2 of Awkward. premiered and… I’d been looking forward to it for a long time. Shall we review what happened in season 1? Jenna Hamilton is your typical teenage girl. She has a blog, has boy problems and 2 best friends who mean the world to her. While getting Advil for a headache, she trips and spills the pills everywhere, breaking her arm and neck, also convincing everyone that she’d tried to kill herself. From one awkward event to another, Jenna has had a nude picture accidentally sent to everyone she knows, accidentally made out with her best friend’s crush and found out that her mother wrote her a “carefrontation” letter that evidently ruined her life. So season 2 just came back, and here’s my recap for the first episode.

It’s Christmas. Jenna and Jake are almost online official, but Jenna’s afraid that if her own mom won’t accept her, will he? Commemorating these special holidays, Jenna receives a necklace from her mother. She’s still super pissed at her mom about the letter, which she hasn’t told her mom she knows about. Her dad gets her a big box of condoms.

On New Year’s, Jenna and Jake have a date at a New Year’s Party. The awkward thing is… It’s Matty’s party. Matty, the boy she lost her virginity to in a janitor’s closet in summer camp. Matty, the boy that Jenna was totally in love with, but who was embarrassed to be seen in public with her. At the winter formal, Jenna had chosen Jake over Matty, but there was still some closure needed between them. Things are super tense between them at the party because she’s obviously with Jake.

Personally, I prefer Jake for Jenna over Matty. Although they both love her, Jake is the only one who loves her enough to not care if other people know he’s dating the girl who tried to kill herself. Matty is super nice and will most likely have feelings for Jenna all throughout the season, but if he is too selfish to not want to be seen with her in public then he definitely doesn’t deserve her.

Moving on through the party… Tamara, Jenna’s best friend, is going on and off liking and hating Ricky… as usual. She discovered he actually came to the party early to see her and Tamara is all over him. Again. Ricky treats Tamara so badly – she’s always a rebound if someone else denies him. I hope this season she realizes that and dumps him for good. No girl deserves to be treated that way by a guy! Ming, Jenna’s other best friend, discovers that her dad has been watching porn on her laptop. I felt that this detail in the episode was unnecessary… Blech.

Its almost 12 o’clock, and Matty has given Jenna the decision to meet her in private at 12 so they can start over or stay with Jake. She chooses Jake. At 12, Sadie, Jenna’s arch nemesis, decides to make out with Matty to comfort him. He’s not into it, though, which makes Sadie really mad. So mad that she makes out with Ricky. Luckily Tamara didn’t see that one…

Lissa decides her resolution for the new year is to clear up all the bad things she’s done to Jenna. She apologizes for sinning her, and asks Jenna to slap her in the face so they’re even. Jenna slaps her in the face just so she’ll leave her alone. Jake and Jenna go back to her house, where Jake sees the condoms her dad got her and reveals that she’s not a virgin. They also offically DTRed (determined the relationship) for the world to see.

Jenna sends her mom a note on the same paper her mom used for the care-frontation letter, telling her mom that she knows all about her letter. I’m really looking forward to see why her mom wrote her that note. If my mom wrote me a note like that, I might dis-own myself from my Mom. If that’s possible. Then the episode finishes. They’re only 20 minutes long, and I think I covered everything. Comment below what you liked/hated about this episode, and tune into MTV Thursdays at 9:30/10:30 central for new episodes of Awkward.!! Thanks for reading!