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Mrs. H: Third Grade Teacher

As school is starting and the leaves change  (not here, but somewhere I’m sure), it feels only right to spotlight a teacher. We all have those teachers in our lives who changed us, who helped us grow into the people we wanted to be. Who, long after our time together has passed, stay with us in the form of a principle, an idea or sometimes snacks.

That teacher for me was Mrs. H. (For privacy’s sake I shall leave off incriminating deets so y’all don’t go a’stalking.) Mrs. H was my teacher in the third grade. All I remember about her class was that you never wanted her to “go on the warpath”, which (I think) just involved some stomping about saying she was on the warpath. It was our time outside of the classroom that attached itself to me. There is a lot I don’t know. I don’t know how I came to be rescued by this amazing, wild-haired, energetic woman. I don’t know why she was saddled with me outside of school time. I’m pretty sure it started because I couldn’t do math to save my life. That’s what I’ve decided because I have a clear memory of siting at her big wooden table eating little packets of nori and her telling me it was brain food.*

She was the first vegetarian I knew. The first person to tell me that i didn’t have to eat animals if I didn’t want to. She taught me that you’ll generally get a better deal by purchasing the entire box as opposed to a few. She drove a brown Porsche that smelled at all times like happiness. (Give me a break, I was nine!) She had children of her own who were older but no shortage of room for extras like me. Most of all, she taught me to live big, dream big, love big and that sometimes, you have to forget the rules and  make up your own game if you don’t like what they give you.

In honor of Mrs. H, today I will do a dance to my own little drummer and then I will sign up to volunteer at a local after school program. What will you do to honor your very own Mrs. H?

*Mrs. H is my facebook friend and I now know that she introduced us all to nori as brain food because some of the Asian students were being picked on for having it in their lunches.

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  • Genean Rose Ramos

    I have way too many favorite teachers. I was that kid who always got attached to the teachers first unless they were scary.
    Sooo, I ended up making friends with a lot of my teachers through out school. I have to say my absolute favorite would probably be my 10th grade art teacher. I only had that class for one year, but I hung out with her through the rest of High School. She helped me deal with my apartment burning down that same year. She reminded me so much of my mother that I accidentally called her Mom once, and she’s like “It’s okay, I am your School Mommy now, though.” She helped me so much through out High School, that I probably wouldn’t have made it if it weren’t for her.

    Also, this is so awesome! People don’t give teachers enough credit, but they affect a student’s life so much. <3

  • Simon K Noir


  • Courtney Paulos

    well I am a high school teacher, and I too have a Mrs H. She is an amazing 3rd grade teacher. Now, I never was a student of hers in a classroom setting. I was a student teacher of hers. She was/is a brilliant teacher who had taught me so many wonderful things that have helped make me the teacher I am today. She gave me encouragement and confidence to be myself when teaching. So many of her past students have her on their “favorite teacher” list. After 30 yrs of teaching, she still is energetic, witty, amazingly resourceful, and teaches with incredible love and compassion;she really puts the fun in the classroom learning environment. Her students succeed not only academically, but socially and emotionally as well. I see so much of her in myself. Thank you Mrs. H :)

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