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10 movies we're dying to see in 2017


We saw some pretty great movies in 2016. La La Land captured our hearts in ways it didn’t know it could be captured. Moonlight left us in forever aw. Deadpool had us laughing our asses off. Fences was stellar enough to generate a whole lot of Oscar buzz. 2017 is whole different ball game, though, and we’re so ready to see what kind of entertainment Hollywood throws at us.

We’re happy to report there are quite a few movies coming out this year that feature some very kickass women who lead the show, whether they’re Marvel superheroes or everyday women who make a difference in someone’s life. Of course, we’re not mad about the ’90s reboot of Power Rangers, and we’re especially excited to see our childhood dreams come alive again in Beauty and the Beast. It’s going to be a very busy year, indeed. Whip out your calendar, save the following dates, and eat all the popcorn.

Here are ten movies we’re dying to see in 2017.

1Power Rangers

Let the ’90s reboots keep rolling in. The Power Rangers are bigger, badder, and more powerful than ever in this story that shows us how they got their powers in the first place. It will be released in theaters on March 24. Oh, and we’re totally loving the diverse cast.

2Beauty and the Beast

Because, OBVIOUSLY. Where do we even begin? Emma Watson and Dan Stevens. Beauty and the Beast, guys. Let’s take a collective musical trip down memory lane, shall we? March 17. It’s a date.


The director of 500 Days Of Summer brings you a heartwarming movie about a young girl who is, well, gifted. She’s been left to be raised her uncle, played by Chris Evans, when her mother dies. Just watching the trailer gives us goosebumps and maybe a few tears, so we’re sure when it’s released on April 12 we’ll be first in line. Bonus: This movie is said to be where Chris Evans and Jenny Slate’s romance blossomed.

4The Circle

If you haven’t read this novel by Dave Eggers, go pick it up from your local library immediately. It’s a haunting tale about all the things that can go wrong when we use technology to make everything and everyone completely visible. Emma Watson and Tom Hanks co-star. It releases on April 28.

5Fifty Shades Darker

Yes, we know the first movie sucked. And we’re not expecting any Academy Award nominations from this one, either, but come on, we have to see what happens to Christian and Anastasia. Besides, the soundtracks sounds radical, thanks to Zayn and Taylor. It comes out on February 10, just in time for Valentine’s Day.

6Wonder Woman

Gal Gadot brings us some badass girl power this summer. On June 2 watch her discover her true powers, kick some ass, and probably make out with Chris Pine (oh, come on, it’s bound to happen). It’s surely going to be one of the biggest blockbuster action movies of 2017.

7The Last Word

Shirley MacLaine and Amanda Seyfried star in this comedy about a strong-willed and sometimes difficult woman who demands a young woman write her obituary — while she’s still alive. The journey they take together to tell her life story becomes one that touches both their lives. It’s released on March 3.

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