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Walking into a grocery store while you’re hungry is one of the dumbest things you can do for your waist and wallet. Similarly, watching TV can wreck you with a single food scene.

Nothing gives me food cravings on demand like the following movie scenes!

The Breakfast Club

I’ve always been enthralled by Allison’s lunch routine. Her exploding Coke looked like the ultimate angst-riddled teen refreshment and she dismantled her boring meaty sandwich with perfect nonchalance. The addition of Pixie Stix sugar garnered my respect the first time I saw the movie. And then hello, she filled that masterpiece with cereal. Not just any cereal, though. She filled it with glorious Capn’ Crunch! This scene sparked my affinity for outlandish sandwich concoctions which still holds strong to this day.

The 40 Year Old Virgin (*Warning: Language!)

Who can forget Leslie Mann’s epic portrayal of darling, drunk Nicky? DUIs were not on her mind as she served her virginal date home. Rather, she was more concerned with getting “some f**kin’ French toast!” She delivered that line so well that my mouth waters for all French toast to this day.


Gidget pins American cuisine during the scene where she gets her first surfboard. That spunky little dame is willing to do anything to be one of the surfer gang, so they send her off to buy them all beach-friendly food. She returns with hamburgers and hotdogs in a plain cardboard box. After the guys swarm the box like selfish piggies, she takes the last burger to Moondoggie. Swoon! It’s definitely a delicious scene.

Grown Ups

Little Becky pulled at my heartstrings as she piped up with “I want to get chocolate wasted!” after hearing her dad explain that wasted is “when you have a hankering for ice cream”. Me too, Becky. Me too.

Look Who’s Talking

I don’t think that I’d ever wanted a beverage more than when I saw Kirstie Alley’s pregnant character gulp down an entire jug of apple juice! It was impressive, to say the least. Now, whenever I’m supremely thirsty, I can’t help but think of apple juice. In fact, when I came down with chicken pox in high school (thanks to the dreamy infected boy from my math group), I had an unquenchable thirst for the stuff for over a month.

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

Edible buttercups; lick-able wallpaper; Ever Lasting Gobstoppers; chocolate river. Need I say more?

 Escape to Witch Mountain

Possibly the most magical scene of any movie in the history of ever: When Tia and Tony are taken to millionaire Aristotle Bolt’s mansion, he gifts them with a suite of playrooms. One such room is an ice cream parlor, fully equipped with- get this- a soda fountain! I’ve had a soda fountain on my birthday wish-list every single year since I was 4 years old thanks to this movie.

These are my personal favorites, but I’d love to hear which movie scenes make your mouth water!

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  1. Adventures in Babysitting. Remember when the little girl Sara has a donut and the chocolate glaze gets on her gloves? Then she leaves chocolate prints on the elevator buttons, leading the bad guys to where she was? That always made me want a gooey glazed donut!

  2. Nobody’s mentioned Ratatouille! How can that movie NOT make you hungry? lol :p

  3. Um hurrow how bout dat chocolate cake in Mathilda HOLLER

  4. Pretty much all of Julie & Julia. A very hard movie to sit through without snacks, and it’s long too! Torture.

  5. Eat all the things!

  6. the last scenes of Real Genius. Every time i eat popcorn i want to throw it up in the air and go sledding in it.

  7. The scene in “Eat, Pray, Love,” where Liz is eating pizza. Well, actually, now that I think about it, that whole movie made me hungry!

    Anonymous | 8/26/2011 02:08 pm
  8. All of these (including the comments) are so true! The Big Bang Theory always makes me want Chinese food.

  9. The roast dinner in Mr. and Mrs. Smith. I immediately go out and buy the makings for it and stick it in the crock pot.

  10. I love Escape To Witch Mountain!….I was always so jealous of their room(s)

  11. How about Chocolat? mmmm

  12. I drool every time I see the hot dog scene in Fools Rush In. They look so good!

  13. Am I the only one that thinks the drawing at the beginning looks like Hayley Williams from Paramore? Also, I concur about Gilmore Girls. That show always made me hungry, and crave coffee.

  14. How could you miss Gilmore Girls? The food at Luke’s Diner always looked so good, and Sukie was wonderfully obsessed with food ….
    Oh, and speaking of Meryl Streep, the scene in It’s Complicated where she makes chocolate croissants. Yum.

  15. Julie and Julia, when Julie and her husband eating bruschetta for dinner the munching sound is so freakishly delicious.

  16. Ohhh yes to willy wonka and the chocolate factory- I especially liked the giant gummy bears! One of mine is the start of Juno where she chugs all that Sunny D- makes me sooo thirsty…

  17. Eat Love Pray. When she’s in Italy – I just wanted to fill myself with delicious carbs!