Mother Knows Best! Until She Steals Your Oscar Ballot

The maternal unit, aka the lady who shapes your moral growth and defines how you represent yourself as a woman. The person who knows just what to say to you when a dude is being a jerk, just what to say to make you feel self conscious about the outfit you’re wearing two minutes before you head out the door, but will also always come through when you’re sick with the most amazing grilled cheese, tomato soup and trashy magazines.

It’s a relationship dynamic that is often equal parts unconditional loving, tempestuousness and complex-inducing if not executed correctly. Some of us are Lorelai’s & Rory’s, a select few are unfortunately Mommie Dearests and for Jennifer Lawrence, her mom is an identity thief!

Jennifer recently appeared on Ellen where she shared a highly embarrassing, and potentially career marring story about her mother stealing her Oscar ballot, posing as her to vote and mailing it into the Academy Of Motion Picture Arts And Sciences, an association you’re only allowed membership into once you’ve been nominated for an Academy Award. Way to go, mom.

I feel for Jennifer, because my wonderful mother has put me in a few awkward, albeit wonderfully intended, moments herself. Let me preface this by saying that my “Mumsy” is hands down the most important person in my life, but we are certainly not “BFFs,” which makes us all the stronger for it. There are things about each of our lives that we respectfully don’t need to share with one another, but at the end of the day, come hell or high water, she will always be in my corner, fighting the good fight, and I love her so much for that.

So no, I really don’t care that there is video evidence somewhere out in the world of me as a fifth grader belting out “A Whole New World” from Aladdin in a mom crafted Princess Jasmine ensemble, complete with bare midriff and black wig. You know why? Because my mother taught me how to have a sense of humor, and she also taught me not to care what other people think. Thanks to her, I never thought I was anything less than spectacular. I love you, Mom, but don’t even think about stealing my Oscar ballot after I’m nominated for Best Screenplay.

Image via TheDailyBeast

Clip via People