In the mood to repaint? Here are 5 of the most popular paint colors — and this season's best accent shades

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Has your humble abode been feeling a little drab lately? It is the season for fresh starts and new beginnings after all, so why not brighten up your space with a new coat (or two) of paint?

If you’re not sure where to start, check out the top five most popular paint colors, according to BEHR. Spoiler alert: They’re all very neutral, which makes sense, seeing as you’re committing to staring at the same color day in and day out.

Swiss Coffee


This color could easily serve as the perfect canvas for a brand new beginning. View the swatch here.

Antique White 


Ideal for a cozy home complete with fuzzy blankets (and maybe even a fireplace?). View the swatch here.



Go chic or go home, right? View the swatch here.

Silver Bullet 


This one will perfectly pair with all those metallic home decor items we know you love. View the swatch here.

Polar Bear 


Despite its name, we imagine your home will be anything but icy. View the swatch here.

Now, let’s hop into springtime…

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