Playlist of the Week


Mornings are rough. It takes a lot to get me awake and out of bed, it’s just so tempting to stay under the covers all day. Why would I want to leave the comfort and safety of my mattress to face the cruel world outside?

It was surprisingly tricky to find songs to wake up to because personally, I’m not a fan of listening to Rihanna first thing in the morning. I need songs that are upbeat but still a bit slow because I typically move at half the speed of a normal person when I first get out of bed. So here are some fun songs that will still wake you up and leave you smiling.

Songs To Wake Up To

Wishes and Stars- Harper Simon

The Healthy One- Laura Stevenson And The Cans

Hands- Fences

Mercury- Moon Taxi

Mountain Sound- Of Monsters and Men

Sins Of My Youth- Neon Trees

Gold On The Ceiling- The Black Keys

Over and Over- Good Old War

When They Fight, The Fight- Generationals

Helplessness Blues- Fleet Foxes

Broken Hearted People- Ron Sexsmith

My Fault- Imagine Dragons

What songs do you like to listen to in the morning? Share in the comments below!