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Morning Parade – ‘Headlights'

I know it may seem like I have an overt penchant for loving and writing about British bands and, well… that’s exactly true, I do.  I mean, I love a band that is great no matter where they are from but these days it just seems like the tunes that catch my ear more often than not are imported from the UK.

Such is the case with today’s band, Morning Parade, a five-piece outfit who hail from Essex and are about to release their self-titled debut album in the US on June 19th, hot on the heels of the highly-touted first single and the song I’d like for you guys to check out, ‘Headlights.’  I don’t know if it’s the grey weather, the scones or the rich history of kick-ass music to come from Great Britain…but currently, there is something going on over there and whatever it is, I’m so down.

Rather than fall into the typical new band trap of slopping together a quick debut, Morning Parade have taken their time to craft something which is quite rare these days…an album that focuses on lyrical depth, quality sound and real songwriting rather than hype.  ‘Headlights’ is a perfect example of their dedication to making music that is not only real but really catchy.  From the opening drums and sliding guitars, you’re hooked.  Add in the silky vocals of lead singer/guitarist Steve Sparrow (sadly, no relation to Capt. Jack) and you’ve got an irrepressible hit single.

In another show of true indie spirit, Morning Parade put a call out to artists on the inter-web to create unique videos for ‘Headlights’ and the band themselves would pick the winner of the contest that would then become the official video.  The victorious video is a genius bit of animation from Dulani Wilson featuring a hero rabbit fighting the good fight in a good vs. evil, love vs. hate battle.

I was lucky enough to do a quick interview with Mr. Sparrow and got the inside scoop on the video contest, their involvement with the London Olypmics and their upcoming US tour with other Now Hear This favorite, Walk The Moon. Side note: I’m extremely excited to be seeing them at the opening show here in LA, which just happens to be on June 4th… which also happens to be my birthday!  Happy Birthday to me, right?

See if they are also coming to visit you here and then check out my interview and the epic video below before making sure you get yourself a copy of their first album on June 19th – it is sure to be the first of many great ones to come.


You guys are breaking big over here in the US with ‘Headlights’ off your debut record, but for any HelloGiggles readers that might not know you yet, how would you describe Morning Parade’s sound?

“It’s always difficult to describe yourself and even harder your own sound. Morning Parade is about songs – we have a very traditional approach to songwriting. The songs are always written from real experiences we’ve had; there is no fiction. Our sound is broad and ranges from rock, pop, indie, electro and dance, but melody and lyric is always at the forefront of our minds.”

You are about to go on tour with another HelloGiggles favorite, Walk The Moon…any US cities you’re really psyched to visit? Have you guys developed any favorite American food/snacks that you can’t get in the UK?

“Yes! We are totally buzzing to get out with Walk the Moon! We’ve been to LA before and we loved it so we’re excited to get back. We’re always most excited to go somewhere we’ve never been before, new places mean new experiences and new people so we can’t wait to cut across the middle of the states and see what we find.  In our recent US visits we have formed a love for buffalo sauce… On everything… Prawns, wings, chicken strips… Actually, anything that we can pour it on. We’re not actually even sure we like it, we just know we want it. Is that normal?”

Who came up with the idea for the video contest for ‘Headlights’ and why did Dulani Wilson’s work claim the win?

“We’ve made a bunch of music videos before and the idea of putting our music out for other artists to be inspired by was exciting for us. We always like to do something different and Dulani’s idea was miles from anything we’d ever done before. The visuals were great and we loved the narrative.”

Over at HelloGiggles, we are big into using social media to connect to people around the world. How much of a role do you and your bandmates play in your own social media presence?

“Rightfully so! The best thing about being in a band in this era is that you get to speak with your fans everyday. Our music is all about connecting and sharing our experiences with other people. It’s always amazing when we get messages from fans telling us about how they have been affected by the songs and crazy when we see fans turn up with tattoos with our lyrics on them! We are all very active in replying and speaking with our fans on our Facebook and Twitter sites, even though it’s getting harder and harder with the more fans we meet! We do our best to reply to and say hello to everyone after our shows.”

So, I have total Olympic Fever leading up to the London 2012 games…tell us a little about the big Olympic Torch Relay Finale show you guys are playing. How did you get involved with that and will you also get to watch any of the events? (If so, I’m super jealous.)

“We’ve been so lucky to have been invited to be involved in the Olympic celebrations. The torch relay is a huge event and Britain’s best leading lights and ‘future flames’ from communities across the country are all taking part in carrying the torch. We were invited to play shows at the celebrations across the UK so we said yes! Who wouldn’t? It’s given us an incredible opportunity to play all over the country with lots of artists we wouldn’t usually share a bill with. It looks like an exciting summer for the UK and we hope to see as much of it as possible.”

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