More Handmade Valentines: Playful, Psychic and Sweet

Here are 3 more handmade valentines ideas to suit your crafty needs this V-Day! I personally think Valentine’s Day can be a little cheesy and expensive with all the stuffed animals, chocolate and prix-fix menus. But I say, make it your own kind of holiday by thinking outside the box with some funky, funny and unique valentines! Check out my previous post here for two other ideas, and if you are over 21, check out this Valentine’s gift idea for a guy! I heart crafts!

Handmade Valentines: Playful

I made this Valentine’s card last year inspired by a deck of vintage playing cards I got at a garage sale.


  1. Cut out a heart from a piece of cardboard
  2. Punch holes around the edge using a hole punch
  3. Thread hemp twine through the holes
  4. Attach a vintage playing card with a piece of ribbon
  5. Finish off the ‘game’ theme, by taping on a little tag that reads: “You Win My Heart”

Handmade Valentines: Psychic

I was inspired to make this unique card by a Palmistry book I picked up at a thrift store. It was fun to age my own paper, too! Watch the video for the whole tutorial.

What You Need:

  • A piece of regular white paper
  • Dark tea and/or coffee
  • A lighter or lit candle
  • Pen or pencil
  • Red pen or pencil
  • Red ribbon


  1. Crumple and un-crumple your piece of paper to age it.
  2. Age your paper a step further by dunking it in a pan filled with brewed tea or coffee – don’t let it soak because it will fall apart if it’s in the water for too long. Let the paper dry completely.
  3. Age your paper more by tearing the straight edges and scorching the torn edges in the candle flame. **Don’t let the paper catch fire too much and blow it out if it flames. Do this step near a sink just in case.
  4. Trace the shape of your hand on the paper and fill in the lines of your hand.
  5. Write the meaning of each line on your hand to predict feelings of love.
  6. Roll it up, tie it with a ribbon and deliver it to someone special!

Handmade Valentines: Sweet

This delicious idea comes from the blog Random Thoughts of a Supermom and she calls it the See-Through Valentines. I think this is a fun idea for kids or co-workers. Fill it with whatever candy you like!


  1. Cut out two matching heart shapes from wax paper
  2. Sew them together along the edge, leaving about 2 inches not sewn
  3. Fill the heart shape with candy by feeding the candy through the opening.
  4. Sew the opening shut and trim any excess thread
  5. Write something on the shape with a permanent marker or just give as-is.


I hope you all have a fantastic Valentine’s Day! Make it your own unique experience!


Photos via Mr. Kate and Random Thoughts of a Supermom 


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