Music Monday

Monster Rally's "Siberian Girls"

Alright, here’s the deal: I love summer. I love everything aestival (yes, that is a word that means “pertaining to summer,” so deal with/love it) and Ted Feighan’s one-man sampling project, Monster Rally, is my Number One.

Perfect for around the pool with friends, or simply jamming out with your broom during a serious cleaning sesh, Monster Rally’s mini-vacays are quintessential to anyone’s summer playlists. His latest single, “Siberian Girls” is off a limited edition EP, Deep Sea, that comes out on Gold Robot Records on May 31st and is available for preorder now. You can download the entire EP at your preferred price from his Bandcamp but that doesn’t get you a pretty little pink opaque 7″, so I mean, do what you will with this information. Just know I’m getting my pink vinyl and am probably already half way into my bikini.

Monster Rally, “Siberian Girls”

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