Molls' Five Favorite Things Of The Week

Five Faves is a weekly video series where I tell you about my five most favorite things/people/places of the week. Consider it a combination of information, gratitude and insight into what it is that makes me tick. Like, watch these every week and you’ll eventually have all the information you need to lure me away from home to a scary location where you can torture me or maybe murder me, depending on your style.

I want to know what you love too, so please make sure to tell me your Five Faves in the comments (or maybe make a YouTube response video! That would be tight!)

  • Mr Kate

    #1 this video, #2 #3 this girl’s blog she is the happiest person on earth (i’m convinced) and she does amazing things with construction paper #4 my cat Roxane and her determination to make-out with me at 3:30AM every morning #5 stiletto heeled work-boots

    xx – mr. kate

  • Meredith Bagdazian

    Love it! Here are mine:
    1. Hello Giggles…duh. Even moved to my favorites toolbar. There is no greater love!
    2. Coming home to San Diego for the summer from grad school in Virginia.
    3. Bridesmaids
    4. Meeting my new nephew Parker!
    5. Having my first Coffee Bean hazelnut latte in 9 months.

  • Amy Parker

    1. Hello Giggles… wot the person above me said!
    2. Kozel, a Czech beer.
    3. this song & vid
    4. a certain HE
    5. the way Julianne Moore says “in the parlance of our times” in The Big Lebowski

  • Sophie Del

    That was a freaking video! Here are mine:
    1. Coming home from Vegas with my amazing grandma Lulu!.
    2.Checking out Hello Giggles and their fav content…
    3. _________ (sorry but not many great things happen this week:( )
    4. Watching 5 episodes of Bones 1st season, and crying ’cause Dr. Temperance Breenan lost her parents near Christmas.
    5. Shouting I love green gnomes at Miley Cyrus concert.

  • Ramou Sarr

    My Five Faves:

    1. The ladies of Hello Giggles.
    2. Philosophy vanilla birthday cake body wash
    3. Fellow Hey/Girl lovers, the firemen of Engine 33, Boylston Street, Boston.
    4. The fantastic new startup that’s bringing people together, Zaarly
    5. e.l.f. Studio makeup remover cleansing cloths

  • April McLean

    My Five FAVESSSSS:

    Numbero 1: For the first time in my life, I got seen by a Dr. who’s last name I could actually pronouce. For reals, DANG exciting!
    2: I went to a real life party for the first time since I was 15 (I’m 20 now) and it was hella fun. What have I been doing these past 5 years?! Not having fun, that’s what!
    3: I started a tumblr this week. BEST. DESCISION. EVER. seriously.
    4: If you have never checked it out, DO IT! Your heart will melt and you might possibly get bunny love in your eyes! Makes my day, EVERY day.
    5: It would be sacrelig to post on here about my 5 favs and NOT include Hellogiggles. Glad this site was started. Gives me the DL on all things AWESOME! Thanks!

  • Jelena Ardila Vetrovec

    1. Hello Giggles. I find it addictive!
    2. Tricky’s concert…His music is all about feeling.
    3. Having realized I need a pair of silver flats to make an outfit just perfect 😀
    4. Taking 3 amazing polaroids shots on Saturday.
    5. Discovering a youtube video of how to make an almond face mask with ingredients from your own kitchen

  • Abby Don

    1. So You Think You Can dance starting back up for summer, mainly cause i can’t ut really wish I could.
    2.The new trailer for the american version of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.
    3.Ultimate frisbee with my friends
    4. The excerpt from Mindy Kaling’s upcoming book(that I can’t wait to get my hands on)
    5.taking apart my ikea furniture to move
    5 1/2. Hellogiggles of course

  • Lauren Nespoli

    1. Hello Giggles. I love this site so far!
    2. Discovering the store Who.A.U and buying some cute clothes!
    3. Eating at Shake Shack in Madison Square Park for the first time.
    4. The gorgeous weather we’ve been having.
    5. The four-day weekend I’m currently enjoying!

  • Amber Bingham

    1. Seeing the fist look trailer for “New Girl”.
    2. Watching my awesome brothers new Vlog.
    3. Going primitive camping with my hubby and kiddo.
    4. Taking underwater pictures of my daughter swimming….She’s a fish!
    5. Hello Giggles :)

  • Kelsey Fort

    1 getting inspired to remodel my room so all my sewing stuff is organized (and getting back into sewing too! :) i made a couple cute things the other day, may even start blogging about my projects)
    2 baking a delicious dark chocolate espresso cake for my mom’s birthday
    3 finding my hair thing that makes my hair wavy and look a little thicker
    4 the strawberries and blackberries in my garden are getting ripe!!
    5 finding this website :) and finding out about zooey deschanel’s new tv show! can’t wait!!

  • Karin Burkart

    my favess right now:
    1.-hello giggles- duuh!!!
    2.-the first look trailer to “New Girl”
    3.- getting to pick all the new furniture for my new apartment
    4.- the idea of going surfing tomorrow morn
    5.- the last minute of the season finale of “bones”

  • Fran Hoepfner

    1. Going through HelloGiggles and reading some awesome writing.
    2. The new Bon Iver album is getting me through Finals Weeks. I LOVE it.
    3. MAC just put out a summer collection including the most perfect coral colored lipstick called “Hibiscus.” I eBayed it and now I’m in love.
    4. List-making.
    5. Prepping for a good old beach outing at the end of this week!

  • Caryn Hermanson

    Ha ha, Molls cracks me up! A booster shot in a walk in closet in a health food store… she makes simple things an adventure. I got a cortisone shot in a doctors office-just not the same sense of adventure!

    #1: My pets, love ’em and they make me feel happy when I’m bummed out about, God-knows-what!
    #2: Being back in the USA for the summer, so much more fun being a foreigner than a regular person in your own lame country!
    #3: Tea, the less cool cousin of coffee, but I can’t survive a day without it!
    #4: TV- I am obsessed with certain shows and the characters substitute as my friends when I’m pissed off with the real world… re-reading this line makes me feel sad for myself.
    #5: Sleep.

  • Alexa Dillenbeck

    1. My summer fun playlist that you can’t check out because it is not on the internet.
    2. No one loving my tumblr. (!)
    3. Not being a writer for Hello Giggles, but still loving the site.
    4. Getting a job interview. Hopefully I get a call back.
    5. Going and gambling away some money this weekend.

  • Jennifer Eccleston

    ONE. Gala Darling! (that’s how I found out about Hello Giggles)
    TWO: Lee Ann Rimes singing AMAZING GRACE….unbelievable.
    THREE: Tumblr. oh my god. addicted.
    FOUR: the word AESTIVAL. (I’m dealing with it and LOVING it. (wink wink)
    FIVE: PEANUT BUTTER YOGURT DIP….it’s a party in your mouth.

  • Marissa A. Ross

    AMY IS FOR SURE ONE OF MY FAVORITES TOO. Can’t wait to go pay that girl a visit. Feel better! <3

  • Crystal Stewart

    1.) This website. It has everything my little heart loves. Animals & Girl Stuff. awesome^2.
    2.) The flowers my boy sent me along with a note attached.. It read ,” Crystal, It would make me really happy if you would be my girl”
    3.) My new eye frames.
    4.) Teavana’s Raspberry Lemon Riot Tea, It sounds so edgy and badass for a dainty tea.
    5.) ALSO, Oldie but a goodie. Neil Young’s “Harvest” album. on repeat all week.

  • Crystal Stewart

    I’ll add one more because six is way better than five.
    I baked homemade peanut butter, homemade peanut butter cookies. Which were delish if I could say so myself.

  • Renee Menning

    Response vid cuz I’m boss like that

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