Molls' Five Favorite Things of the Week

Five Faves is a weekly video series where I tell you about my five most favorite things/people/places of the week. Consider it a combination of information, gratitude and insight into what it is that makes me tick. Like, watch these every week and you’ll eventually have all the information you need to lure me away from home to a scary location where you can torture me or maybe murder me, depending on your style.

I want to know what you love too, so please make sure to tell me your Five Faves in the comments (or maybe make a YouTube response video! That would be tight!)

  • Shaylynn Middlenameless Kilfoyle

    The mom with the meth face… oh man I love you.

  • Carolyn Wahlskog

    1. @90sgirlproblem on twitter because i could talk about backstreet boys and beanie babies all day long
    2. dunkin donuts pumpkin coffee
    3. check it out if you like listening to the rain
    4. el ten eleven pandora station
    5. my puppy’s unicorn costume:

  • Aubrey Churchward

    I’m SO glad you’ve jumped on the Teen Mom bandwagon. Catelynn and Tyler are definitely the best. Have you seen the episode where they visit Carly and her adoptive parents? You will die of joy.

    • Amy Lopez Fitzgerald

      Oh my! I cried so much in that episode – for like, days. How cute is it when Carly totally knows Tyler & Catelynn and throws her arms around them? That is the absolute best.

    • molls

      I just watched that episode on Friday night and I was sobbing when they gave Teresa the recorded book.

  • Abigail Aguisanda

    Molls. I completely agree with you on Fave #1: Robyn. I just saw her perform for the very first time at Seattle’s City Arts Festival and it was OFFTHEMUHFUHHOOK !

    1. ROBYN at Seattle City Arts Festival at the Paramount
    2. “With Every Heartbeat” by Robyn
    3. “Call Your Girlfriend” by Robyn
    4. my sloth drawing:
    5. Zooey D singing the National Anthem at the World Series. Can you say living the dream??? YOU GO GIRL. YOU GO!

  • Melissa Carroll

    1. My best friend Alena’s brownies
    2. The New York Jets
    3. Dhani Harrison/thenewno2
    4. Family Feud and Friends App for iphone

  • James Boston

    ha! you may like the train wreck called ‘Tottlers & Tiara’s’ , I’ve not watched it yet (read too much for much TV =) , but will soon i’m sure… Thanx for the movie sugestion will check it out. ‘will also start making my own weekly 5 list.. ty for sharing.

  • Melissa McMinn

    Thank you, Molls! Yay for five faves of the week, that is my first fave. #2 This awesome blog by this badass gal in NYC ( because I made this decision to start Weight Watchers last week and her inspirational and down-to-earth blog is definitely helping to motivate. #3 The maple harvest bake my amazing girlfriend made today chock full of fall veggies. Yum! #4 Watching “It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” in mere moments and #5 Napping with my cat curled up on my pillow.

  • Amy Lopez Fitzgerald

    Video response for you, Molls! Much love xxxx

    • Liz Jacobus

      8 Track has a ton of great acoustic cover playlist… One of my faves

    • Amy Lopez Fitzgerald

      Thank you! The Fresh Prince of Bel Air cover is classic, I love it! xxx

  • Sophia Rossi

    I love my partner!

  • Ingrid Haas

    What a nice surprise! Here I am, just enjoying Molls and then I get a personal shout out. LOVES!

  • Zelina Garza

    good stuff Moll. I’ve got to try those pads. dope!

  • Hernandez Diaz

    1. My Sailormoon and Sailor V Comic Books
    2. Watching Re-runs of worlds Dumbest
    3. Eating at Red Lobster on the time of All You Can Eat Shrimp
    4. Made two Different Apple crisp Recipes
    5. Watch Nightmare Before Christmas In 4d ( That’s Right In 4d)

    Five favorite things this week~which was awesome~

  • Mara Alejandra

    meth face mom, LOL.

  • Ashley Giddings

    1. my husband!
    2. coffee
    3. its my baby sister’s 22nd birthday today
    4. she will be a mommy and, I an aunt, for the first time at then end of November :)
    5. the awesomely bright boquet I bought at the grocery store friday

    #1 &2 are permanent on my list :)

  • Rachel Wrestlemania Weir

    1. Celebrating Rachel day with my boyfriend- consists of dog walking in the country side, Italian food and horor films with no complaints!!
    2. Practising my haloween make up- I am a big kid at heart!
    3. Making winter foods! Beef stew is currently in the slow cooker.
    4. Laying in bed with a to do list of tv shows to watch, with new sheets and a electric blanket!
    5. Picking my fantasy football team (the bigger and cuddlier they are the better!)

  • Ed Woodjr

    1. LA Haunted Hayride
    2. 2 broke girls
    3. Book: Brandwashed: Tricks Companies Use to Manipulate …
    4. 7-11 Spiced Pumpkin latte
    5. Lytro camera:

  • Maeve O’Connell

    1. Talbots teal corduroy slim/strait/petite pants. I’m in love, they go with everything.
    2. Talbots again..Grey cableheart knit sweater. awesome and super chunky
    3. Cocorosa’s fashion blog
    4. Water marbling nail polish effect. so cool!
    5. Avon nail polish in Vintage

  • Bridget O’Connor

    1. People in New Zealand making sweaters for penquins.
    2. The British guy from Love Actually who is now a Southerner on Walking Dead.
    3. 90 page LL Bean Christmas catalog.
    4. Free coffee on fair trade Fridays.
    5. Wyclef Jean’s Carnival.

  • Annie Garea

    1. Patrick Stump’s first long awaited solo album Soul Punk! highly recommend it! its amazing!
    2. Lizzie Olsen! Her Nylon cover is amazing! She is such the ingenue and perfect advertising for MK&A’s clothing lines.
    3. Pretzel M&Ms. They are delicious, nutritious and apparently good for women.
    4. finding my old ipod from high school with some awesome running mixes
    5. actually learning to like the classes I hate in college

  • Allie Fraley

    I did a video response, Molls!

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