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Five Faves is a weekly video series where I tell you about my five most favorite things/people/places of the week. Consider it a combination of information, gratitude and insight into what it is that makes me tick. Like, watch these every week and you’ll eventually have all the information you need to lure me away from home to a scary location where you can torture me or maybe murder me, depending on your style.

I want to know what you love too, so please make sure to tell me your Five Faves in the comments (or maybe make a YouTube response video! That would be tight!)

P.S. Sorry you can hear police sirens in this video. I live in the hood. LOL, but not really.

  • Ella Marie

    i LOVE my sports bras! i LIVE in them:)

  • Jessi Reel

    1-grilled pizza. So easy to do at home with ready make Pillsbury pizza dough. Drizzle with olive oil, fresh mozzarella, tomato and basil-omg soo good.

    2-Sally Hansen Nail Effects. Takes a long time to apply but no chips for two weeks? Totally worth it! But you can do fun patterns that would be otherwise impossible. I was so glad you added these to “Get Yo Nails Did”

    3-My new Corso Cuff bangle from Stella & Dot. I usually pile on the bracelets but I’m loving one statement piece for a cool change. See it here:

    4-Weeds. Nancy has really been pissing me off lately-being so selfish and whatnot, but she’s finally starting to come around a little and become a little more likable again. So far, this season is a lot better than last season.

    5-Pinterest! I just discovered this site this week and I’m obsessed. It’s like a virtual bulliten board to collect images you find on the web. LOVE IT!

  • Elizabeth Siegel

    I don’t speak for Target, but since I work there, I just want to thank you very much for shopping there. Every time you buy La Croix or Champion C9 sports bras, one tenth of a cent goes directly to me, probably. Here’s five things I’ve been digging this week:
    1. Three Olives Dude. It’s not dude-flavored. It actually tastes like Mountain Dew with a lot of vodka.
    2. Tortillas. Theeee best. You can put anything in a tortilla and I sure do.
    3. The 6 for $5 (I think) deal that Target has going with Xhileration panties. Totally awesome, totally adorable.
    4. Aveda. The store. And the people who work there. And their Smooth Infusions line.
    5. The fact that my class was canceled this morning. I got to catch up on all of my Food Network shows and Design Star and it was lovely.

  • Ashley Miller – on twitter @moo_is_me

  • Sarah Bloodsworth

    You may need to make a “Get it Dolly” t-shirt with “Yeah, she gets it” on the back. I mean… crying/laughing. Bonus rants = #1 of my five favs this week.

  • Jodi Styner

    Dolly Parton might be on my 5 Favorite Things Ever list. There’s just nothing about her that’s not to love. I also really look forward to your 5 Fave lists, so keep ‘em coming! Here’s my list, inspired by yours:

  • Lindsay Kyle Neal

    <3 that dog and you.

  • Shereen Hussain

    I would like to be set up with Terry. I live in London, U.K though…so if he’s willing to travel……..

  • Javacia Harris Bowser
  • Meredith Brace Sloss

    Molly. First of all…can we be friends? I think you might just be the coolest. Also, I have a pup that is a chihuahua mix, super loyal, and is always looking for an amigo.

    Second of all, I am so inspired to do a five faves video, however…I’m at work, and vlogging is probs frowned upon, right? Instead:

    1) Cardigans and scarves, together. Am I artsy, or a mom? No one can tell, but I’m rockin’ it either way.
    2) Remembering to bring a snack to work. It’s just about time for my 11:30am BANANA! I’m gonna happily cruise through to lunch. Thanks, potassium!
    3) When my canine pal, Max, doesn’t jump out of bed in the morning. He’s so effin’ cute curled up under the sheets with rigamortis legs.
    4) I’m not brown-nosing! This site is so confidence-boosting, and makes me feel hip and with it.
    5) My new apartment! I’ll be all moved in this weekend. More room, walk in closet, garage parking, short bikeride to Larchmont? Thank you, WestsideRentalGods. Your mercy is much appreciated.

    Also, I am more than willing to meet your friend Terry. Please, and thank you.

    • Meredith Brace Sloss

      Eff. I just dropped a third of said banana on the ground! Who’s glad she has a hidden cubicle? This gal. Maybe hidden cubicles should be my number 2…

  • Rachael Poklitar

    the line “my dog was eating my bikini” was delivered beautifully.

  • Mimi Rox

    i love how fat your dog is!!! <3

  • Emily Wilson

    Girl. I met Dolly. She smells like an orchard of the most wonderful flowers. Best moment of my life.

  • Maria Jose Rojas

    my five faves this week are:

    ‎1. Lovely time spent with family,2. support from friends after being rejected for Arts University,3. Molls & Sophia DM’ing me on the same week,4. remembering how to play the cuatro again (it’s like an ukulele),5. A very lovely chat I had on friday with Marianna, she is awesome!! :-)

  • Casey Hollimon Bowles

    The best “Five Favorite Things” yet! “OH, Dolly is getting it!” Great stuff Molls.

  • Ellie McElvain

    So great. “Of course Dolly is getting it?”

  • Dana Boone

    1. Iced Lattes from Dunkin Donuts. Coffee snobs may say I’m slumming it, but I just think I’m smarter than them for jumping all over the deliciousness that is DD coffee.

    2. Netflix. Yes, I am late jumping on the bandwagon.

    3. Planners. There is nothing like the feeling of optimism that accompanies a new planner purchase.

    4. Community theater. Thank you for giving teens like my sister the chance to feel like a star.

    5. Dry erase markers. You can use them pretty much anywhere: mirrors, boards, even on my fridge.

  • Cristina Moreno

    Five things…

    1) The killer OPI nail polish I’m wearing right now. Purple nails are happy nails.
    2) This awesome Tumblr blog:
    3) San Diego Comic Con (I don’t care that it’s technically over today, I’ll be catching up with coverage all week)
    4) The film class/education course I’m taking this week.
    5) Hair on Broadway tomorrow night for the 7th time. Folks are getting married on stage after the show! Very cool.

  • David Aguilera

    I kind of want to hook up with Terry.

  • Elin Frida Elisabet Wramneby

    You are perfection! <3

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