Molls' Five Favorite Things of The Week

Five Faves is a weekly video series where I tell you about my five most favorite things/people/places of the week. Consider it a combination of information, gratitude and insight into what it is that makes me tick. Like, watch these every week and you’ll eventually have all the information you need to lure me away from home to a scary location where you can torture me or maybe murder me, depending on your style.

I want to know what you love too, so please make sure to tell me your Five Faves in the comments (or maybe make a YouTube response video! That would be tight!)

P.S. Sorry you can hear police sirens in this video. I live in the hood. LOL, but not really.

  • Brie Jaquette

    best seltzer ever! my favorites are berry and grapefruit (or pamplemousse if you’re feeling french:)) i’ve never had coconut, but i can’t wait to try it!

    • molls


  • Darlene Dobkowski

    Not only do I love your “Five Favorite Things of the Week” videos, but I’m absolutely loving your lipstick/color/whatever-it-may-be. What is it?

  • Alissa Lima

    Didnt know Dolly PArton plays 8 instruments, i cant even name 8 instruments (how stuped?)Well, my faves things of the week are:
    Some dulce de leche i bought in Rio n i cant belive i ate almost everything, i wont survive next week without it.
    E-mails from a italian family who lives in a farm where i wanna go spend my vacation, working there ( i hope everything is going to workout) luved receiving e mails from them.
    Comic Con mess, even though im not there i love watching the news, today is the last day.
    Discovery Health (i dont have this channel but the cabo ppl let me watch for free this week) i love the creepy medical cases.
    Christophe Maé songs i downloaded, i love this french singer, he’s amazing n so cute u should all listen to him too hehe, thats it
    luv ur videos Molly 😉

  • Shawna Dandois

    Those sports bras from Target are the bomb!!! I have 3 already and really want the tie-dye ones. I like the ones with the smaller straps though. My 5 fav things this week are my $5 yard sale bread machine, Harry Potter, my dogs, and air conditioning.

  • Javacia Harris Bowser

    Working on my video response. In the meantime, I must say that your nails look awesome. I was totally distracted by how gorgeous they are during the video and had to keep rewinding it.

  • Molly McGrane

    my number 1 fave of the week is your lip color, but this week i also really enjoyed late night episodes of seinfeld (fox played the ugly baby AND shrinkage eps), discovering that aquaphor makes a great night-time zit cream, my car breaking down in minneapolis (saw the fleet foxes – terrible show but i’ll put them in my weekly faves because a rowdy crowd is totally not their fault) which lead me to my new (well, no, 2004) volvo, and packing for my free trip to portland – courtesy americorps. love you, molls!

  • Katie Connor Sword

    Oh dearest. This week. Let’s see.
    1) The $20 blowup pool I bought at Walmart for my son that is turning into my best friend. Lean back, cool off, and get some color on my arms and face- the NEW way to kill time during naptime for the little ones. The cicadas yell at me the entire time I’m out there, but whatevs. They’re just jealous.
    2) That my parents’ dog is at my house this weekend. Winston (Dub- as we call him) is like an old man following us around. He’s the KING.
    3) That an old lady at church this morning told me she liked my hair. ((smiling)). I recently decided to let my curls just do their thing and I’m not looking back. NO MATTER HOW MANY PASSIVE AGGRESSIVE COMMENTS I GET FROM MY HUSBAND ABOUT CUTTING MY HAIR. And, said-old-lady-from-church: Your awesome chunky nature-inspired necklace was so flipping awesome, I came home to Google it. I bet you bought it before my parent’s were born and it was just KILLER. PRESBYTERIANS HAVE STYLE. Confirmed.
    4) My husband is going to Atlanta tonight for work and is being extra nice before he leaves. YES, you can scratch my back. YES, you can wash some bottles. YES, you can… well. You know, girl.
    5) This is my last week of summer vacation before I return to my middle school classroom and once again try to save the world once Science lesson at a time. My last week with my 3 year old and my 3 month old before real life begins again. My last week to nap with my kids and dogs in the afternoons- my last week to hear my three month old girl figure out how to yell- my last week to hang with my favorite three-year-old superhero of a little boy- my last week to be just Katie. It’s bittersweet, but I do love my job. I’m ready to get back into it. (But already marking the days to our first break- let’s keep things REAL here.)

  • Ramou Sarr

    The rants are the best part of this video!
    I keep hearing about La Croix, but I have never tried it and am semi-worried that I will become an addict. But I’m at Target at least twice a week so I should probably pick some up next time.
    Also, your hair, lipstick and glasses are looking fabulous, girl!
    I get fan girl and talk too fast and ramble too much, but here’s what I loved this week:

  • Elin Frida Elisabet Wramneby

    You are perfection! <3

  • David Aguilera

    I kind of want to hook up with Terry.

  • Cristina Moreno

    Five things…

    1) The killer OPI nail polish I’m wearing right now. Purple nails are happy nails.
    2) This awesome Tumblr blog:
    3) San Diego Comic Con (I don’t care that it’s technically over today, I’ll be catching up with coverage all week)
    4) The film class/education course I’m taking this week.
    5) Hair on Broadway tomorrow night for the 7th time. Folks are getting married on stage after the show! Very cool.

  • Dana Boone

    1. Iced Lattes from Dunkin Donuts. Coffee snobs may say I’m slumming it, but I just think I’m smarter than them for jumping all over the deliciousness that is DD coffee.

    2. Netflix. Yes, I am late jumping on the bandwagon.

    3. Planners. There is nothing like the feeling of optimism that accompanies a new planner purchase.

    4. Community theater. Thank you for giving teens like my sister the chance to feel like a star.

    5. Dry erase markers. You can use them pretty much anywhere: mirrors, boards, even on my fridge.

  • Ellie McElvain

    So great. “Of course Dolly is getting it?”

  • Casey Hollimon Bowles

    The best “Five Favorite Things” yet! “OH, Dolly is getting it!” Great stuff Molls.

  • Maria Jose Rojas

    my five faves this week are:

    ‎1. Lovely time spent with family,2. support from friends after being rejected for Arts University,3. Molls & Sophia DM’ing me on the same week,4. remembering how to play the cuatro again (it’s like an ukulele),5. A very lovely chat I had on friday with Marianna, she is awesome!! :-)

  • Emily Wilson

    Girl. I met Dolly. She smells like an orchard of the most wonderful flowers. Best moment of my life.

  • Mimi Rox

    i love how fat your dog is!!! <3

  • Rachael Poklitar

    the line “my dog was eating my bikini” was delivered beautifully.

  • Meredith Brace Sloss

    Molly. First of all…can we be friends? I think you might just be the coolest. Also, I have a pup that is a chihuahua mix, super loyal, and is always looking for an amigo.

    Second of all, I am so inspired to do a five faves video, however…I’m at work, and vlogging is probs frowned upon, right? Instead:

    1) Cardigans and scarves, together. Am I artsy, or a mom? No one can tell, but I’m rockin’ it either way.
    2) Remembering to bring a snack to work. It’s just about time for my 11:30am BANANA! I’m gonna happily cruise through to lunch. Thanks, potassium!
    3) When my canine pal, Max, doesn’t jump out of bed in the morning. He’s so effin’ cute curled up under the sheets with rigamortis legs.
    4) I’m not brown-nosing! This site is so confidence-boosting, and makes me feel hip and with it.
    5) My new apartment! I’ll be all moved in this weekend. More room, walk in closet, garage parking, short bikeride to Larchmont? Thank you, WestsideRentalGods. Your mercy is much appreciated.

    Also, I am more than willing to meet your friend Terry. Please, and thank you.

    • Meredith Brace Sloss

      Eff. I just dropped a third of said banana on the ground! Who’s glad she has a hidden cubicle? This gal. Maybe hidden cubicles should be my number 2…

  • Javacia Harris Bowser

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