Molls' Five Favorite Things of The Week

Five Faves is a weekly video series where I tell you about my five most favorite things/people/places of the week. Consider it a combination of information, gratitude and insight into what it is that makes me tick. Like, watch these every week and you’ll eventually have all the information you need to lure me away from home to a scary location where you can torture me or maybe murder me, depending on your style.

I want to know what you love too, so please make sure to tell me your Five Faves in the comments (or maybe make a YouTube response video! That would be tight!)

  • Erin Bonang

    ha, this is great!

  • فيصل حسين

    to post a comment

  • Liser Alwayz Noland

    you talk like Zooey and me when I’m really stoned. lets be friends!

  • Randall Bishop

    What are leggins…pants or what?. Seriously girl you need to get out of LA. Every-time I see something live in LA…after…I want to go take a shower.

  • Robert Remillard

    My 5.

    1. Legs. Not all legs, however. It greatly depends on who they are attached to.
    2.Newman’s whine. Watch “Nobody’s Fool” to understand.
    3.Moisture. Especially in Socal. We always need some.
    4.Vegans. Again, depends on who they are attached to. No wait…
    5. Oscar. The grouch from the muppets. He’s made a trashcan his home. What’s not to love?

  • Lauren Maslen

    1) Those leggings are killer.
    2) Yeaaah, film majors unite! I’m super depressed I’m missing the Oscars. I’m 14 hours ahead of the US and will be working instead of hosting my annual Oscar party this year. Ugh.

  • Kristin Sayers Forester

    i love those cookies!!! even as a vegetarian now, they are my go to sweet tooth craving saviors. i hug mine too.

  • Elizabeth Polit

    My five favorite things on the week: George Clooney’s face, warm apple tarts, Gilmore Girls nights, green tea, and curry roasted cauliflower.

  • Amy Ellis

    Paleo diet is the bomb.

  • Deejay Stacey

    What brand is the tinted moisturizer?

  • Jessica Curley Phinney

    You have to keep the 5 Faves coming. I’m a total dork and I would know what is cool if it wasn’t for you!!! :)

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