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Modern Manor Living Housekeeping Lesson : How to Make Your Bed feel like You live in an English Manor

Here at The Heatley Cliff we have the luxury of having our amazing staff make our beds and maintain us in the luxurious lifestyle we have become accustomed to. Amy’s boudoir is very ethereal and full of flowy curtains, damask, flowers, gilt mirrors and plenty of pillows on an enormous Art Deco bed. My room is a mix of Versaille meets Alexander McQueen. Damask, skulls, roses, the perfect music and a bit of lace on my Edwardian king size. Our second footman Henry Cavill particularly enjoys bringing me my evening tea there. Wink.

But in the real world… Amy and I are the ones changing the sheets, buying the linens and making a house a home.  Plus, I share my bed with a husband, a dog and usually a 5-year-old. That’s why this week’s show is all about making the one place we spend the most time in comfortable. I’m being serious when I tell you that during nursing school, I actually had a four hour class on how to make a bed! But how does one learn how to create an ambiance, a refuge, a proverbial nest for one to rest in? And how does one create a bedroom in the real world to be like the ones we have for you at The Heatley Cliff?

1. First of all, invest in some sheets. They don’t have to be super expensive, but if you can, try to go for ones with a thread count of 200 or more (don’t worry, we explain what that means in this episode) that would be the most comfortable.

2. Decorate your room with a touch of damask, florals, birds or art deco. Rummage and boot sales and thrift stores are the best for finding amazing items. And a bouquet of freshly picked flowers in a julep cup is a beautiful touch. Peonies and dahlias are preferable.



3. Scent your sheets with a lavender linen spray. Or have plenty of lavender bundles in  vases scattered around the room.

4. Plenty of framed pictures are welcome.


5. Try to use different types of material for pillows for texture and variety. I’m also a big fan of a good bolster pillow.




6. Have at least one accent wall with beautiful wallpaper on it.


7. Books. Lots and lots of books. Stack them and use them as bedside tables. Or make small stacks of books from your favourite author and place a candle on top. Perfect little displays that showcase your taste and interests.

8. And there is always room for a chandelier. Always.


Tune in this week to The Heatley Cliff and learn more about making a perfect bed!

All images found on Pinterest.