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ModCloth turned real women of all sizes into swimsuit models—and we're ABSOLUTELY loving it

All too often, retailers we love let us down with ad campaigns that reinforce narrow standards of beauty. But every once in a while, the opposite happens: A retailer we love takes a huge step in expanding social perceptions by celebrating women of all sizes in their natural glory. And we’re psyched (and not surprised) that ModCloth is one of those retailers. The vintage-inspired online brand just released a super-body-positive swimwear campaign on their website featuring women of all backgrounds and sizes—just being their beautiful selves.

Did we mention their models are none other than their own employees? That’s right; employees, including co-founder Susan Gregg Koger, were plucked from their desks in January to don some of the company’s cutest summer swimwear, and from the looks of it, they had a really good time stepping in front of the camera.

And it gets better. Because ModCloth was the first official retailer to take the anti-Photoshop pledge last year—promising to minimize retouching on their images—the campaign is as natural as it gets.  Check out some of the images and ACTUALLY get psyched for swimsuit season.

In an interview with Brit.Co, Christen, a fellow model and ModCloth Merchandise Copy Editor, said: “We just fed off of each others’ energy and once you realize that everybody has their own struggles, big or small, with body image, you can really just. . .shed those worries, banding together helps empower each other.” Preach!

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