Mistletoe and Menorahs: Holiday Treats for the Ho-Ho-Home

While some of us may or may not have been playing Christmas music for weeks, with the passing of Thanksgiving comes the official start of the Holiday Season, 2011 Edition. It feels like I just put away my glittery skulls and ghosts-that-stick-to-your-window, but who cares, it’s time to deck the halls and your house or apartment in as many affordable holiday decorations as we can find. Here are some cute ideas that won’t break the bank but will bring a smile to even the grinchiest of your I-hate-the-holidays friends:

Snow in a Can

I always wish for a white Christmas, especially now that I live in Los Angeles. This little can of snow is the perfect solution. Add water and you’ll have enough “snow” to create a nice little winter-scape on your bedside table. The perfect setting on which to place some holiday-scented candles. Available for $4.99 at Perpetual Kid.

Chew-by-Numbers Christmas Tree

Anything that combines bubble gum and Christmas is pretty amazing. This nifty kit includes a Christmas tree poster and loads and loads of chewing gum. You chew up as much as you can, and when you’re done enjoying the gum, use it to decorate the tree. Gross, awesome, and Christmas-y. Buy it for $14.99 at Perpetual Kid. It also comes in a Hanukkah theme:

Same price, same place.

Pom Pom Wine Bottle Cover

The holidays often mean family time, which can make even the most serene among us crave a little liquid comfort. Now you can pretend it’s all in the spirit of Christmas with this adorable wine bottle cover. Only $5.95 at Patina. If you’d rather combine drinking with the Festival of Lights, try this handy Menorah Cork:

Available for $18 at Fred Flare.

Inflatable Wreath

It’s nice to have a few decorations that you can save and re-use next year. Anything inflatable fits the bill. Check out this wreath. I love the cute colored Christmas balls and the big red bow. It really embraces its own kitschiness. Buy it for $25 at Fred Flare. I’m also a sucker for this Inflatable Reindeer:

It’s $16 at Urban Outfitters.

John Denver & The Muppets: A Christmas Together

As previously alluded, I like to have holiday music playing constantly this time of year. Pandora’s holiday stations are a great option, but when you want a more focused selection, try this album. The collaboration between John Denver and the Muppets is at once nostalgic and timely. $24 at Urban Outfitters.

Chanukah Candy Canes

I’m a big fan of candy canes. I like to decorate with them – you could hang them from a chandelier if you’re lucky enough to have one, but a headboard or coat rack works just as well, or you can just scatter them around your apartment. The regular kind are easy to find but if you’re a non-Christmas person, check out this Hanukkah-friendly batch. Available for $4.49 at Perpetual Kid.

Lump of Coal Soap

Don’t forget about your bathroom when it comes time to decorate. This lump of coal bar of soap is sure to add a drop of festive humor to any shower or sink. Lather up for $6.99 at Amazon.

Charlie Brown Christmas Tree

One of my favorite Christmas movies is A Charlie Brown Christmas. Now you can have an exact replica of the sad little tree from which Charlie Brown learns the meaning of Christmas. It even comes with Linus’s blanket. Get yours for $19.95 at The Vermont Country Store.

Yule Log Cachette

I love anything that helps transform my teeny-tiny studio into something more like a home. This clever little keepsake box is shaped like firewood, a.k.a. a Christmas yule log, so I can stash my secret stuff while also pretending I have a working fireplace. $17.99 at Fred Flare.

Christmas Garland

Garland is one of the easiest ways to decorate your apartment around the holidays. Tack it to the walls, drape it over furniture, wear it as a boa. The sky’s the limit. This one’s only $3.50 at Oriental Trading. There’s also a beautiful Chanukah Garland:

Available for $7.25 from Oriental Trading.

Footie Pajamas

Nothing makes me feel more like a little kid again than footie pajamas. This pair is Christmas-themed, with “Santa monkeys” running all over it. Get so excited you can’t sleep for $24.99 at Target.

With a little online shopping ingenuity, it’s easy to transform your apartment into a holiday winter wonderland. What are your favorite ways to decorate this time of year?

Image via bgentrepeneur.net


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