Mini-Dachshund Puppy Vs. Mirror

Anybody got troubles? Well, your Auntie Hez is here to make it all better by taking you to my latest happyplace in yet another ‘cute animal failing to grasp basic concepts’ video. In this little gem, a scrumptiously misguided mini-dachshund puppy is frolicking with its reflection and simultaneously, YOUR HEART. Feel the bile and icky-ness in your day evaporate, only to be replaced with the jazz hands-y joy of puppies that don’t understand things in completely adorable ways. This puppy, whose name the video’s uploader cruelly declines to reveal to me (and my daydream puppy playground which, after all, needs someone to be dedicated to) is so full of inspirational pluck and stick-to-itiveness in the service of rousting her doggleganger, I think we can also all take a lesson from her and remember the most powerful thing we’ll usually have to confront is our own opinion of ourselves and what we think we’re capable and deserving of on any given day. Stay mini-dachshund puppy vs. mirror strong, readers! (Video by steva44 on YouTube)