Milla Jovovich – ‘Gentleman Who Fell'

There’s nothing like being 13, sitting in your room and listening to that song that literally speaks to your heart. The other day I was reminded of one such song and I was immediately transported to my old bedroom, complete with R.I.P. Kurt Cobain posters and a reversible forest green/burgundy comforter. Nobody could understand the magnitude of my woes. Nobody except maybe Milla.

You may not know that Milla Jovovich – model, actress and all around gorgeous person – makes music. “Gentleman Who Fell” was the big single off of her first album and takes us back to the alternative glory days of 1994, when she was just 19. My older sister introduced me to the song and  Milla’s soulful words and haunting voice reached out to my yearning, adolescent soul. I was hooked.

There are a couple versions of the video, but this seems to be the official one. Film school nerds will appreciate (or eyeroll) the homage to Maya Deren’s Meshes of the Afternoon, and everyone else can appreciate the extreme close ups of Milla’s eyes.  This video isn’t about spectacle or special effects or other trickery. It’s about the music, man! With MTV’s Alternative Nation stamp of approval on it – what can be better? Not much.

So put on a flannel, get cozy and enjoy a little throwback to a time when things definitely weren’t better. But thanks to songs like these, the sting of being thirteen was softened just enough. If you need me I’ll just, uh, be in my room.

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