Ruby's Corner

Middle School Mean Girls and Judging Each Other

So for this weeks Ruby’s Corner, I decided to shake things up a bit. This was a topic where I really wanted my voice to be heard. It was a problem that needs to be solved and I thought you should really hear what I meant and how much I cared for the topic.

There are two bits to this video. At first, I wanted to focus on how everyone hates middle school because of mean girls. In the second part, I talk about how girls criticize other girls about how they dress and wear their makeup. This is not a topic to joke about. In magazines, someone who I think is really pretty will be looked on badly because they are “overweight”.

On Facebook, there is a photo of a skinny girl and a girl who is not as skinny with their bellies standing next to each other. On their tummies is written, “I’m beautiful”. Let me remind you, it was on both of their tummies. It had over 100,000 likes. But yet, those people who liked the photo still think the skinny girls are the more beautiful ones. This needs to stop. I normally don’t say this but, please share this one. It is a very important topic to me that i feel more people should hear about.

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