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Michael Bublé from girlybubble.com

I love Michael Bublé’s approach to music.  He sings popular jazz songs by Frank Sinatra, as well as his own pop songs, and he’s good at it.  Despite my feeling that he is sometimes a cheeseball, I find him beautiful and talented.  So, when a friend iChatted the Michael Bublé Poetry Contest to me,  I entered (and will hopefully win $1,00o).  I encourage all of you to participate and also win $1,000.  This is what I came up with and I’m pretty proud of it, especially the parts where I don’t rhyme at all or use words twice to rhyme, or just fail altogether at poetry in general.

Bublé, My Little Soufflé

Michael Bublé,

Steven is your middle name.

Ruling my heart is your main game.

(You better not be playing others).


Your birthday is September 9, 1975.

I was born in ’85.

(An exact decade apart. Coincidence?  I think not.)


At first I thought your name meant “Bubble”.

But now I know it’s just French for “subtle”,

(Like your tactful energy and beauty on Vegas billboards).


You started your career as a wedding singer,

I’m just asking, where’s the ring on my finger?

(I love Cartier, in case you’re wondering.)


You have sold over 30 million albums worldwide.

Do you like your chicken fried?

(I’m only asking because that’s my favorite food.)


You became interested in jazz at age five,

I became interested in you at age zero.

(Five plus zero clearly equals you plus me.)


You have Italian-Canadian citizenship

My Italian-Russian ancestors came off a ship.

(Another coincidence?  I think not.)


You wanted to become a professional ice hockey player,

Instead you bought half of the Vancouver Giants.

(Guess who’s going to be the breadwinner in our relationship?)


You are a baritone,

I am a soprano.

(Our vocal chords could make love if shot with an arrow.)


You do commercials for Starbucks.

That’s my favorite coffee joint.

(With my $40 gift certificate, we could go out, on me, free of charge.)


So, what do you say, Bublé?

You are my little soufflé.

(Please ask me out.  Don’t burst my Bublé).



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  1. I meant oops. What is wrong with me???

  2. opps, I meant IN more ways than one. :)

  3. That’s a cute one–on more ways than one. :)

  4. I snorted my tall pike place out of my nose at the last line. In Starbucks–getting awkward looks. Love this!