Teaspoon of Happy

Merry Happy Love to Everyone

Happy holidays, Hello Giggles readers! I would like to take this moment to tell you all how awesome you are. You are family, in a way, in that I feel very connected to you. Like I know you, because in some way we really do all know each other.

To the ladies…

You are sweet and thoughtful and smart and amazingly self-aware and sensitive. I think I would probably be besties with most of you if we happened to cross paths. Girls are like the glue of society: we are great at healing, listening, feeding, soothing, laughing, smiling, supporting, not to mention soft and delicate. I wish all ladies a kiss that makes their heart thump and a delicious treat that makes your eyes roll back in your head this holiday season. And remember that you are more beautiful than you know. You are all one in a million. A gem.

To the gentleman…

You are pretty friggin’ awesome. You’re harrier, which can be a chore to deal with, I’m sure, but to us gals it’s ruggedly sexy and by contrast, very appealing (well, to some). I appreciate your brute strength, your hidden soft-sides, your ability to comfort and understand us complex girls and of course, your directness when it comes to knowing what you want when you want it. (I’m generalizing, so I apologize.) Regardless, you all make this world much more balanced and I celebrate you for being a wonderful part of life. Let your stubble grow out extra long this year. Wear the shirt that you love but no one else does. Talk in your “important” voice when you make that toast. Because what makes you different, makes you awesome.

To the moms…

Thanks for being the back-stage heroes. Often under-appreciated and over-blamed, if only there were awards like the Oscars for how much work you put into our lives. You don’t ask much but you sure give a lot and we all know deep down how much you do for us. Even when we don’t say it. Thank you and we love you. My wish for you this holiday is that you feel that glow of satisfaction, when your dinner or your family has revered you the way you deserve.

To the dads…

Thank you for your tolerance, your non-momness, your actions speaking louder than your words. Thanks for giving the few words we need to hear the most, and for crying at sappy movies to show us that deep down you’re a squishy baby like us. Thanks for fixing things when we need you to and siding with us when we complain about someone that was mean. My wish for you this holiday is that you feel peaceful and you look at what you have now and feel full and proud to think of where you’ve been and who you’ve become.

To the siblings…

You are awesome. The co-conspirators. The allies. The best-friends-in-a-unique-form that most times are loved in unspoken ways but if it were told, are the true besties of our lives. You are the reason we are who we are and without you our lives would be viewable in one less dimension. You are more a part of who we are than you could ever know. And we’re sorry if we were ever mean. My holiday wish for you is that you get the good seat for the movie, the big piece of the chicken, and a compliment from a sibling that you’ve been wanting to hear.

To the friends, the singles, the young ones out on their own…

You are a life force. A special kind of star burning bright for everyone else to gaze upon. Live it up and eat your delicious cake. This holiday belongs to you. What you have now is what you’ve made and you deserve to enjoy it. Build yourself a beautiful, warm and laughter filled holiday. Surround yourself with the smiles that remind you of who you really are. My wish for you this holiday is that you look upon it fondly, that you talk about it with friends for years to come. May it be loving to your body, and to your soul. Hope your season is growing brighter with each day.

I send my love to you all, and as always, a happy Sunday.

xoxox Sarah

Featured image © All rights reserved by shuttermeister via Flickr

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