Meet Your First Black Girlfriend

Spoiler alert: NO, it will not be like Scandal. Akilah, you are a queen and I love you and this is just too perfect!

From Smoothiefreak:

When you begin your interracial relationship journey, you will encounter these very simple little conversations. From satin caps to “ashy.” there are a few things that you will definitely be taught. Be ready.

Take notes, boys:

  • Akilah Hughes

    >.< I'm so flattered!! Thank you.

    • Katy Bucher

      you’re hilarious (and gorgeous, but that’s not as relevant). this was brilliant! :)

    • Blaire Bercy

      OMG ♥ U! I feel like this should be first date required viewing :)
      I can’t thank you enough for making this video. It’s hilarious and spot on.
      I am just mad it took me so long to sub your channel!

  • Nusiba Taufik

    I love your vids Akilah!!!

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