Meet the new HelloGiggles Kittens – Streaming Live All Day!HelloGiggles Team

Meet HelloGiggles’ newest Kitten Cam stars, Lucy and Ricky!

The House of Mews rescued these adorable kittens and for the next 2 weeks we will be broadcasting live from their foster’s house where they will live until they are adopted.

For more info about *The House Of Mews and all that they do check them out on Twitter @thehouseofmews and on Facebook

Donate to The House Of Mews HERE

Join us here all day and please remember to spay and neuter your pet.

*The House of Mews is a 17-year-old 501(c)(3) non-profit organization staffed by volunteers and is located in the Cooper-Young Historic District. A no-kill feline sanctuary, adoption agency, and cat lovers’ gift shop, the organization has cared for and adopted nearly 9,000 homeless cats. It exists solely on support through donations and volunteer efforts. In addition, retail pet supplies and gift and art items are sold to help defray expenses.

Profits go directly into the care of the cats in their possession, which currently is over 140.


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  1. where’s the kitties????

  2. What happened to the kittens?? Did they get adopted??

  3. They’re playing! It’s so cute.

  4. loooooooove kittens <3 i absolutely can not imagine anything cuter. they are truly god's depiction of pure cuteness.

  5. When are you gonna do puppies?!?!?! Puppies need to be adopted too :)

  6. I love living in Memphis and having the ability to go to the House of Mews to get my kitty fix any time I want. Thanks for highlighting the work they do!

  7. Where are the kittens?? I don’t wanna watch two girls talk about food

  8. Is this live stream over? I can’t seem to find it… :(

  9. Oh wow! Ricky and Lucy you two are so famous now! To think it was just yesterday you were a part of my humble documentary project.

  10. Oh man, the little suckers just make my day!

  11. Yay! They’re awake. Time for noms!

  12. Potty time!

  13. I love watching these kitties :D they make my day so much better, thank you for moving the camera today, at least now I can watch them sleep, super cute :D thank you again :D

  14. These little boogers are SLEEPY HEADS! My goodness! –Holly HOM Volunteer

  15. a folded thing on the crate move….I’m not sure if I know what you mean?–HOM Volunteer

  16. why does the folded thing in the crate move??? is there a kitty asleep under it? please please explain

  17. Sweet picture of Melba! Enjoyed Ricky and Lucy today, love how they climb the bed!

  18. It is storming here in Memphis, the power may flicker and in the case that we lose power, we will try to reboot! If we lose it for the evening, we will see you tomorrow am! Thank you all so much for watching! This has been amazing for us! Holly – Volunteer @ House of Mews

  19. ooooh! thank you for the clue-they’re on the bed! smart kittens. :)

  20. When I came on they were out of sight, probably sleeping. I’m so glad I waited!! Soooo adorable!

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