• National Doughnut Day

    The first Friday of every June is National Doughnut Day! This day originated with the The Salvation Army in 1938 as a tribute to…

    Corinne Caputo
  • Bad Habits

    This Thursday is No Tobacco Day. It’s a day dedicated to bringing awareness to the health issues surrounding tobacco use. Obviously tobacco…

    Corinne Caputo
  • Sunscreen Day!

    May 27th is Sunscreen Protection Day! My mother has always been on my case about wearing sunscreen.  She would insist that if…

    Corinne Caputo
  • Be A Millionaire Day!

    Even though yesterday, May 20th, was Be A Millionaire Day it’s never too late to think about what you would do with…

    Corinne Caputo
  • No Dirty Dishes Day!

    May 18th is No Dirty Dishes Day! The point of the day is to use dishes sparingly but all I can think about…

    Corinne Caputo
  • Dance Like A Chicken

    Oddly enough, May 14th is Dance Like A Chicken Day. This immediately made me think of the Bluth family imitating chicken in…

    Corinne Caputo
  • Where Would You Move?

    It is International Migratory Bird Day. Birds have the pleasure of traveling any time they wish with no financial woes or professional/social…

    Corinne Caputo
  • Teacher's Day!

    Tuesday May 8th is National Teacher’s Day! Teachers have always been incredibly influential in my life and I’ve learned some great things…

    Corinne Caputo

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