Teenage Wasteland

Meaningless Little Things

Most people who know me say I am obsessed with the internet and technology and all that great stuff. Yes, I am, but I wish I wasn’t. Yes, its awesome to talk to amazing people around who I can actually relate to. Really, though? I wish I could be more social. I wish I did more activities, I wish people liked me more. I wish I didn’t care about how many messages I got per day or how many notifications or how many likes my picture got.

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Its taught me that those things don’t matter. They really are meaningless little things in life that wont make a difference when I’m a big person. You think that being popular is going to make your life easier at school? You think not being yourself just to fit in is going to make your life easier? Nope. The little difficulties that you face today aren’t going to going to matter soon. You may have a bad rep, you may be friendless, you may get hate, but it will be better soon and that’s the positive thing you should look forward to.

I keep trying to find the reason behind bullies at school. Or, why doesn’t he like me? Why is she so mean? Why are my parents so annoying? Why? Why? In my opinion, these things are meaningless. Honestly, when you’re, like, 45 and about to turn old, you’re going to think back on the time when you were obsessed with the little things that didn’t make a difference. Who you like in highschool/middle school won’t make a difference. Girls are always going to be mean. Your step-dad will always do that embarrassing dance which involves “The Dougie” in the parking lot. Don’t matter.

People are so obsessed these days. Take a picture? Tweet it. Something funny? Post it as your status. Why look for the opportunities to put effort into things that are close to meaningless? It really doesn’t matter. That text from your crush? Did “hahahah yeah” really influence your life? Is Justin Bieber’s tweet going to help you with your life goals? Technology, it’s a privilege. You don’t need it. One day, I’ll realize all of this. But not today and probably not tomorrow either.