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Mean Girls

I may or may not watch the movie Mean Girls every month (its sort of like a ritual) and invite all the girls in my class over, only to have them blow me off, like, every time. I laugh at the irony. Unfortunately, the movie Mean Girls is not what this post is about. Well, it kinda is, because of the name except not really because… okay.

One of the reasons why I started using the internet (which means actually talking to people and not dressing up Miley Cyrus on girlsgogames.com or playing ToonTown, because if so then I’ve been on the internet since I was 2) was because I was bullied at school from mean girls. When I was about 10, this girl sent out an e-mail to everyone saying that I was secretly dating Justin Bieber and ate chips all day, which I have no idea why I was offended by but apparently I was. I made a Tumblr and made amazing friends and realized, hey, your friends don’t have to live in the same city as you! They can live in a town that I’m not able to pronounce or spell and live 6 hours away, and that’s okay, too. Although most of the girls at my new school aren’t very nice to me either, I’ve realized the key on how to survive a mean girl, which I think is going to be really good for me because I start 7th grade soon.

Even though punching her in the face may seem like the right thing at the moment, it’s obviously not going to be good for you later. If you haven’t already heard this from your Mom, Dad, councilor, therapist, teacher, the police officer that comes to your school in 5th grade to talk to you about peer pressure or nice people online who are actually decent human beings, then I’ll tell you this right now: You need to stand up to them. Even if no one is there to back you up and there are 50 of her sidekicks all ready to make you feel horrible, it would be better than running away or punching her in the face. Most likely, you’re smarter, wittier and funnier then her, so why don’t you just make a come-back that’s NOT MEAN, but smart?

A few months ago, someone started a rumour about me, where I apparently said this girl was a loser. I lost all of my friends at school. Of course, because I’m talking about 11-year-old girls, they forgot about it a week later and they forgave me, except that the girl who I supposedly said was a loser gives me the stink eye every time she sees me. Things between us still aren’t that great but I started going to acting class and have made some nice friends there and I’ve also met some awesome people online, too. If you’re having troubles with friends at school then just remember that your school isn’t the only source for friends in your town.

Then there’s the Mean Girls online. You would probably be more familiar with this type. Online, girls think they can say whatever they want because its the internet and the person they’re being mean to has no way of knowing it’s them behind that anonymous face. If you get a mean comment online, just remember that whoever did it was a) too much of a coward to say it to your face, that’s why they did it anonymously and b) they probably feel insecure about themselves and are jealous of you. Why would they put the time and the energy into making you feel bad? Disable the anonymous option in the ask box. Really.

I didn’t make this post about “bullies” because that applies to girls and boys. Yes, boys can be mean and rude except girls are just… BLAH. When you see someone get something on Tumblr that says “You’re ugly” or “You’re disgusting”, do you really think that a boy is responsible for doing that? If boys get in a fight, they punch each other in the face and then they’re friends again. Girls don’t usually do that. They’ll be sneaky and turn everyone against you and use mean words to hurt you instead of physically hurting you. At one time or another, every girl in the world has been mean. I’ve had my bad moments, you’ve had your bad moments. I’m not trying to diss the 3,500,000,000 gals in the world but I personally think it’s in a girl’s nature.

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