May I Have Your Attention Please

Hi, I’m Jill and I’m snarky.  All together: “Hi, Jill!“  But lately, I’m finding myself annoyed by other people’s snark.  What does it meannnnnn?  Am I getting soft?  Who even says soft?  Did I move to Our Town?  Why should I give a sh*t about OPS?  Except for the fact that it allowed me to create this adorable abbreviation, OPS.  Because I’ll be the first to admit, I live in a world of sarcasm and am happy with my real estate there.  Look, I saw a dog named Mishka on The Today Show the other day.  Mishka is a German Sherpard who, when encouraged by her owners, can say “I love you” over and over, again.  And while I thought it was the cutest thing ever, I also knew Mishka’s inner dialogue was likely “You’re needy.”  I also just launched a Kickstarter for someone to grab me a glass of wine from the kitchen and bring it to me in bed.  And I assumed that the dude who attempted to rob a 7-11 dressed as Gumby over the weekend, was simply the first of many Oscars promos.  So, you get it.


Here’s what’s bothering me.  All of the chatter about Whitney Cummings.  Before I continue, I’ll say Whitney is a friend of Hellogiggles and a friend of mine.  By no means are we best friends, but she’s certainly a friend and one who has no idea that I’m writing this.  I’m now going to address both the people who I know and those who I don’t when I say – holy sh*t, shut the fu*k up!


I’ve done stand up for a while and have done a bunch of shows with Whitney over the years.  I’ve also caught her at many shows that she was doing when I was hanging out.  That girl has always worked her ass off.  Seriously.  She’s got mad hustle and consistently has done tons of shows around town in all kinds of different rooms and clubs.  Whitney’s worked unbelievably hard and developed a definitive point of view and knows who she is.  Oh, and she’s funny. And now she’s got two network shows.  That is bad ass.  That is bad ass.  Oh, I said it twice on purpose, Bitches.


So, in a time and a town where we often express concern for the lack of women creating or writing or running or starring in shows in primetime, we’ve got something to celebrate!  You guys, this stuff didn’t fall into her lap.  The girl didn’t just pick up her first microphone yesterday.  I’m psyched to support Whitney and Two Broke Girls and whatever else she does.  Get it, Girl!

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