Maude Interviews Cody Simpson

This is the second in my series of interviews with cute boys who wouldn’t talk to me unless I was writing for an important website.

Cody Simpson is a 15-year-old (my age!) Australian musician. He has a lovely voice, he can dance, play guitar and is very handsome. I’m not saying I want to marry Cody Simpson, but I want to marry someone who looks, acts and has the same personality as him. Cody, if you are reading this, I’m just joking- but I want to make it clear that if you want to marry me I would be open to that.

Cody: Hey how are you?

Maude: I’m good. Thank you. Thank you for doing this.

Good. Yeah, no worries.

So I know you got your start posting covers of songs on You Tube. Were you surprised with the views and attention you were getting?

I was a little bit at first because it took a little while to get used to it, you know what I mean because it happened so quickly. The first thing you know I’m seeing just a little video of me with my friends singing songs and then the next thing you know I’m here in the states, in New York City, having meetings with all these record labels and stuff. So it was pretty overwhelming at first, it took a little while to adjust, but I’m really embracing it all right now and just doing what I love to do.

And then when you did first post it, what did you think was going to happen? What were you expecting?

I wasn’t really expecting too much. It was just a bit of fun. You know, I didn’t have too much in mind, there wasn’t really any kind of goal there. It was just a bit of fun because I was swimming so much and going to school and everything, my life was very full and I really didn’t have too much time for music and stuff. But I did it a little bit on the side and posted a couple of videos and then when I realized I was starting to get a couple of views and people started taking interest, and I caught on, I thought maybe I could make something out of it. And yeah, then I just started getting more
focused on it and just started working real hard at it.

You said you’re now living in Los Angeles, how did you and your family decide you were going to move there? Or when did you decide that?

It was actually after I first signed my deal with Atlantic, they were like, “Yo, like you can’t live in Australia if you want to do this.” And, you know it was a hard decision at first, but we realized like you only have a shot at this once and you know you might as well take this amazing opportunity.

So was it easy to adapt for you – to living there and what was it like to go from being a student to someone who has lots of responsibilities and is treated more like an adult?

I’ve grown up so much in the likes of two years and I have so much more to be responsible for now like you said, and I’m just kind of enjoying things and I don’t want to put so much pressure on myself , you know what I mean? You can like weigh down after a while you know. It’s just important to have fun with everything and try not to take yourself too seriously.

You go on tour with your family, how is that? Like is it ever hard?

Um, no, I don’t think so. They really enjoy it, my sister has a lot going on herself as well so she’s always busy out on the road too. We just kind of do our thing.

What do you miss most while you’re on tour?

Um, what I miss most when I’m on tour? Definitely Australia. When I’m not touring in Australia I miss it so much. And I miss my friends and the beach.

Who are your musical influences?

I listen to a lot of different kinds of music actually. But I think when you listen to my album, you can definitely hear a lot of inspiration by people like Jack Johnson, Bruno Mars and Jackie Murase, because I have a lot of that beachy sound on the album as well as the dance stuff. So you know, that’s something you definitely hear.

Your album comes out in October?

Yea, October 2nd it comes out.

What advice would you give someone who is interested in performing and recording music?

Just work hard. Hey, it’s important to just make sure you believe in yourself, and just to always make sure you’re doing your best every single day to make progress in your own career. It’s important to improve yourself every single day and keep
working hard and dreaming big. It’s important to dream big.

I know social media played a big part in getting your career started. Now that you’re established, how do you use social media today to promote your album, or talk to fans?

Yeah, I think it’s important to make sure that you’re always connecting with fans online. You know it’s important to give them that personal touch, and make them feel like that they kind of know you. But, you know there’s a balance between
letting too much of your privacy out and affecting that chemistry to that as well, but it’s important that I’m always connecting with them. I’m always tweeting back and retweeting and stuff, and it’s important.

What are some of your favorite movies?

Definitely the Batman Trilogy, The Dark Knight. I love the Hangover as well. And obviously, Anchorman.

Haha. Have you ever thought of acting?

Yeah, I haven’t done too much in the past but you know definitely. I’m focused on the music right now but definitely in the future. It’s definitely something I want to look into.

Okay, well I’m really excited for your new album!

Yeah, no worries. I’m excited for you to hear it.

Thank you so much.

Cody’s EP “Preview to Paradise” is out now and his album “Paradise” comes out October 2nd!

Main image from Teen Vogue. Photo credit: Chris Baldwin.

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