ENTRTNMNT Massive Facelift for cast of RHNY (and Jill Zarin, It Wasn't Liquid) Deanna Raphael

So the rumors are true. Bravo went gansta on the cast of the RHNY. New York is my favorite of the franchise, although I pretty much watch whatever Andy Cohen tells me to. I boldly told a friend that I was not giving RHDC any of my time. She said, “Have you see any episodes?”.  I said, “All of them. I’m just not investing emotionally.”  Major difference.

As shocked as I was to see this sort of  housewife cleansing happen to NY of all casts, I have to agree with the move. This season felt tired. We were looking at the same feuds that had been established for several seasons. Everyone’s guard was up and nothing fresh took place. Losing Bethenny and her Skinny Girl storyline was a blow and everyone knew it.

Some cuts were a no brainer: Cindy Barshop. She was so  busy getting her feelings hurt that we didn’t learn or feel a thing. She didn’t say boo at the reunion show because homegirl knew she was out. Fine.  Alex McCord: I’ve defended Alex for three years because I thought she was a really decent person. I can no longer turn a blind eye to that husband of hers. I also wish she didn’t find her voice, it’s grating. You’re fighting RAMONA’S battles, please. Alex is probably relieved on some level. One more season and that husband was going to do something that she couldn’t excuse. Kelly Killoren Bensimon, this was a little surprising. Kelly was making sense all over the place and that was maybe the most fascinating thing that happened all season. The great news is I’m not sure that Kelly is going to notice she’s no longer on the show.

The big blow, the blow that hurts the most, the blow that shook the fabric off the shelves… is Jill Zarin. Wow. Jill will never recover from this. NEVER. I suspect she will cocoon in her apartment like a bolt of chenille for months, maybe years. Losing Bethenny as a BFF was one thing but losing the show? This is really bad. She can kiss her friendship with LuAnn (who made the cut) goodbye. She’s is not evolved enough as a person to manage those emotions. I feel really bad for Bobby. He is going to have to turn himself into a one-man marching band to get her out of the house.

Below is a RHNY companion game I’ve put together that we can play during reruns of last season. I think it’s a great way to show the girls that we cared.


Drink Every Time a Housewife Promotes Their Branded Product:

Ramona: Ramona Pinot Grigio, Tru Renewal, True Faith Jewelry, HSN by R. Singer

Cindy Barshop: Completely Bare

Jill Zarin: Zarin Fabrics, Secrets of a Jewish Mother

Kelly Killoren Bensimon: Kelly by Kelly Jewelry, Unicorns & Butterflies

Alex McCord: The Urban Parent, Simon’s single: I Am Real, Supermodeling

LuAnn de Lesseps: Class With The Countess,  Noel’s FancyFool Skateboard, $ Can’t Buy You Class & Chic C’est La Vie, Jacque’s Wine Dating Service?

Sonja Morgan: Sonja Toaster Oven Recipes

Hairtastic! How Many Times an Episode Does

Ramona flick/shake her hair

Kelly twirl her hair

Sonja wear a hat, bow or headband

Alex have “model” hair

X’s Per Ep

x’s Cindy says Ramoner.

x’s Jill says she changed or “you can’t have zero tolerance for me”.

x’s Sonja talks about sex.

x’s Anyone says something or someone has no class, is classless or is not classy.

Where’s Waldo – Things to Look Out For

A housewife making a malapropism.

Kelly making genuine, lucid, sense.

The moment the RamonaCoaster revs up.

The second the first hive arrives on Alex’s chest.

Confusing Topics

Ramona and the dead man cigar situation.

Simon needing to speak at Marriage Equality Rally.

Cindy’s brother – Is he gay? Is he straight? Is he completely bare?

Kelly’s interest or lack thereof in men.

Kelly “bragging” about Elle Macpherson being the “second wife”.

Did LuAnn cheat on her Count?

What is a Morgan?

Jill’s face in the testimonials.  Did she have massive plastic surgery? Was she just in horrible lighting?

Alex’s modeling career. Period. End of story.


Who’s house will go into foreclosure first?

Who will have a lesbian tryst?

Who’s children will have a run in with the law?

Will Pinot Grigio ever become an official housewife ?


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  1. The should have dropped Luann. She is a nightmare to watch. Whhhhy? Whhhhy? And I agree about watching whatever Andy tells me to watch and this season seemed tired.

  2. I cannot believe they’re dropping Jill Zarin and keeping the Countess who wrote a book on etiquette but won’t let anyone speak during a conversation.

  3. Jill is in one of her closets French kissing her dog right this very second.

  4. I 1000000% agree with everything you wrote. The most important being, “I pretty much watch whatever Andy Cohen tells me to.”

  5. I think that LuAnn was only kept on the show because of her daughter Victoria’s run ins with the law and trouble at school. I think next season, NYC is going to focus a lot more on these kids. The shots with Avery (Ramona’s daughter) and her friends were like a real life Gossip Girl episode. They’re really interesting to watch and I think Bravo knows that. They’re also almost old enough to sign contracts for themselves.

    Sonja just straight up brings the wacky and I think that people love that about her. The burlesque performance was the reality TV trainwreck of a lifetime. My prediction: They will pair Avery and Sonja up more and more to see Avery roll her eyes at Sonja and her mom. Those costume shop scenes were priceless. Avery is the Greek chorus and will be getting more screen time.