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7 Mary-Kate and Ashley films that gave you wanderlust as a kid

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If you were growing up in the late ‘90s and early 2000s, chances are Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen were a very important part of your upbringing. From their start on Full House, the twins dominated the direct-to-video market and had some of the most amazing merch money can buy.

Of the many amazing things the Olsen twins did for us growing up, one of their most important contributions to the millennial generation was inspiring wanderlust. From 1999 to 2004, the Olsen twins released a series of films that took place all over the world, from Paris to Australia to Salt Lake City. The twins knew how to travel in style and since most of us were not flitting around the globe, we relied on MK & A to show us the world.

It’s been almost two decades since the twins took us on our first adventure and those films are still all I think about every time I travel — and I’m ~positive~ I’m not alone. With this in mind, here are the 7 Mary-Kate and Ashley Films that gave you wanderlust as a kid. 

1Passport to Paris (1999)

On their first foray to Europe, Mary-Kate and Ashley starred as Mel and Ally Porter, teens on vacation in Paris to visit their grandfather, the U.S. Ambassador to France. The pair quickly ditch their handler and galavant around gorgeous Paris with their teenage boytoys and their new supermodel friend. It’s ~literally~ everything you wanted at 15.

2Our Lips are Sealed (2000)

This film is so charming, it almost makes the witness protection program seem fun. The twins star as Maddie and Abby Parker who witness a museum robbery in their home in America and enter witness protection after the mastermind seeks vengeance on them. They keep revealing their witness protection status, and are essentially placed in every location on Earth before finally being sent to Sydney. After struggling to adapt to Australian life, the twins find themselves a posse, Australian hunks, and even manage to take down the bad guys. For MK & A, it’s just another day’s work.

3Winning London (2001)

In one of the most underrated Olsen films, Mary-Kate and Ashley star as Chloe and Riley Lawrence, who travel to the London for a truly global model U.N. competition. When the country they usually represent is taken, the team must adapt to represent the United Kingdom. As with most Olsen movies, the film is filled with scenic shots of London and the American team is full of chaotic adorableness. Also, House and Chicago Fire star Jesse Spencer serves as Chloe’s love interest.

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